I'm a Mormon

Sunday, December 16, 2012

We both kept smiles on our face and we got through it!

Hello wonderful family, Merry Christmas.

This week has been super long slow and difficult.  It seemed that just about everything went wrong including us referring our Korean grandma to the sister missionaries which is sad because we wont get to teach her but so great because they are such better teachers than we are. That put our 'teaching pool' down to 4 people.  Which is sad because we have been working harder than 4 investigators but it is more than we had when I came in.  

Although this week was hard and trying I also saw so many blessings. Moms 25 days of Christmas has been one of them. Also seeing that as I just make myself go one, maybe even two steps further, that, that is when the Lord blesses the people I care about so much.

Friday for some reason was especially hard. It was raining and with the snow that was already on the ground it made everything so much harder. We had already been doing so much calling and we still had 3 hours till our English class.  Well I made my comp and I go out and contact. I don’t think he was very happy with my decision but that’s what we had planned for and I wanted to follow through with it. I was very thankful he was willing to just follow though.  We went and froze! It was so awful! But, we both kept smiles on our face and we got through it.  

As soon as we were done, someone called me. It was someone that I have been calling every week that I have been in this area inviting him to English class. He hasn’t been able to come because his church worships on Friday nights.  Well he called and said my church was canceled and I will come to English class. For English class, he ended up playing chess with a 6 year old, practicing English.

Then our 70 year old grandpa investigator showed up and taught them both how to play better chess. After that the new comer started asking questions about the Book of Mormon after answering them, I was ready to call it a night, but our 70 year old investigator, who is a complete stud said, hey I want to watch the restoration video again. Ha-ha so we watched it and testified of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith.  

Before we left, our grandpa investigator then shared his testimony and pretty much told the newcomer he should join the church because of how great it is. ha-ha

We now have a new investigator, bringing our investigators to 5.  They both want to meet together to play chess and learn about the church together. That’s the Big Miracle this week.

Whereas this week was hard, last night during planning, knowing that we worked through everything, even though it was hard, it was so fulfilling!

I Love you guys, thanks for everything!!

Elder Hunter

Sunday, December 9, 2012


It's beginning to look a lot like.. a white Christmas in Korea.