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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week 2

please say thank you to everyone for me who has sent me emails and
such i dont have time nor am i allowed to send personal emails to
people other then family so i know roger street emailed me please
thank him.  also.  letters from korea to the us take about 9-10 days.
as far as packages and letters from the us.  they are sent to our
mission office so it could be a month before i get a letter from you.
family and friends if you write an email and include your address i
can reply so it is much faster.  as far as my week has gone...

first mom dad magen.  the only thing i can say is i am sorry for the
ROTTON <-(spelling error on purpose) kid i was.  mom dad and magen i
cannot wait for when i come home to become your best friend. i am very
homesick.  unfortunately here in the city i cant really see any stars
so thats unfortunate.  last night our boiler went out so it was cold
all night so i had my first experience this morning in a male naked
bath house.  boy was that fun!!  it actually wasnt bad but seeing
naked korean men isnt my favorite way to wake up in the morning.  
it is still hard spending over 15 hours in the apartment.  food is ok.  
mom i will have you know i am eating all my vegetables even my mushrooms. 
blah.  but i see how people want to give everything to us missionaries 
so how could i not eat it? i am very blessed.  once again i miss you all so much 
i am very excited for the baptism coming up this sunday.  the
father is a member so his wife and 2 daughters are getting baptized.  i
cant explain enough how much joy that mans smile brightens my day. he
is so excited for his family.  the ward is very good to him.  he is
truly one of the rays of sunshine in my life. if you remember a talk
by gordon b hinkley 'stop seeking out the storms and look at the rays
of sunshine'  thats what i am trying to do.  everyone loves baseball
here.  they all think i am a super star!  they all just want to come
up and talk to me about baseball! they all think that i am super
strong because 1-im big round and proud like my father and 2-im much
much bigger then them.  sleeping on the floor isnt that bad but  when
the boiler goes out its very cold (our heating comes from a heated
floor) i have found my companion arveseth really likes to sing.
like really really.  its been neat to hear him just love to sing and
sing and sing and sing and sing and sing and sing.  my korean is still 
awful.  i dont know much but i can usually discern about what people 
are talking about. i definately can hear better than i can speak but 
thats always a given.  fortunately a lot of people like to speak 
english to us so we have conversations in english.  the ward is very 
good to us and we have money at 2 very good restraunts but we try 
not to eat there (i feel bad using others money)  they also
give us lots of food.  elder arvesth really likes to cook and loves
korean food so usually he makes the tofu soups  and i do the dishes.
its so funny to read my past journals where i always say something
along the lines of 'listen bro im 6 foot 1 inch and left the mtc at 200
lbs  do you think you could spare me a steak these veggies and rice
aint cuttin it'.  but its good i feel very healthy and have adjusted.
it smells awful here but i am getting use to it. magen in case you 
were wondering yes we have a washer but no drier. my one towel is doing 
just great and i am the best at doing laundry.  so HA!!!
i hope everyone is doing well.  i pray for everyone every single day.
speaking of days one of my favorites is coming up!!  MARCH 2ND!!!!
hey now anyone who likes that day lets all yell crazy on three ready
1-2-3!!!!  hahhaahh
all the investiagators seem to be progressing its stil very hard to
teach in korean.  also. sitting on the floor during lessons is very
hard sitting indians style.  'ppl listen im 6 foot 1 200 lbs i cant
sit like this'  but i enjoy being here.  the work is hard. i spend
sometimes getting irritated with people around me but i am trying to
have a positive attitude.  i have re started to read the book of
mormon and i just finished mosiah.  king benjamin is a beast. king
mosiah is so smooth. and how can you not love the sons of mosiah who
have requested pretty much a death wish to go and teach the lamanites.
even though they sinned they are forgiven and are preaching the
gospel.  im very thankful for the whole book of mosiah.

mom dad everyone i love you. please, please keep praying for me i need all the help i can get.  unfortunately i have lost my 
confidence so i am very afraid sometimes here in korea trying to get around.  however it does help that south korea is a very very safe place!!!  they are
more afraid of me than i am of them. keep praying. keep studying.
remember WE can do this. thanks for the support. i love you.
Elder Hunter

We were able to chat for a minute and this is what he said:

hahah no nothing to get off my chest i was just so ungreateful thank you for a great life.  i have not gotten your letters yet. playing with that kid went well. he is coming out to utah soon to go to ldsbusiness college so i will give him your number to maybe help him.  he is a convert and doesnt speak much english. love you.ya i am in a small depressing library. i love you guys.so much.  tellrach and shantel they will be getting letters in about 2 weeks from korea.  give magen and grandpa and damian  and aij and morg my love xoxo oh and wow i love you so much a lot of people have asked if i had a mitt but it would beto much of a hastle.  they usually have extras that i can use. i haveonly played baseball once. and we will be starting to play soccersoon. so i dont think i need it. thanks though. i may go buy somesoccer cleats tho.  we will be playing on like a sand field to ya. i love you dad dont forget it.  see you in 2.  im not quitting. im not going to be a garbage man.we have 12 investigators dad and we are still looking for more!! crazy.  dad i love you and i cant wait to come home and become even better friends with you mom and mgen.  you have been a great dad to me and mom has been amazing me to me too. i hope i can be as god of parent as you both have been to me and magen.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Week One In Korea

Wow what a week!  The flight was crazy Coats and I got everyone around the airport. I'm so sorry I didn't have time to call you all I did my best.  I am adjusting to the food here in Korea and my Korean is not very good but I hope that as i keep trying to listen well and work hard that it will get better.  I love my mission president so much already he is a very nice guy.  When we landed we went out and did a proselyting activity I teamed up with one of the Koreans and we gave out two copies of the Book of Mormon. We were the only two to do that it was so great. I was surprised to see how timid a Korean was in sharing the gospel but I enjoyed him being outgoing with me and sharing the message. we also received one number from our contacting. The next day went well I met my companion Arveseth from Utah and he is so great he has been out a little over a year now. His Korean is very good and I'm glad to have him as my companion.  Before I got here him and his old companion had been teaching a family of 5. The father is a member but his wife and 3 kids are not. We taught them kind of a review lesson and they are going to be getting baptized March 4. So exciting!  I'm surprised at how much English we speak it really is about 50/50so many people want to speak English to us and I want to speak Korean to them. I already love the people so much.  The food is alright. Spicy but i can handle it.  I have been getting my 10;30-6;30 sleep however I wake up a lot to the subway under us and people walking outside our apartment. I love teaching the gospel here in Korea and as scary as it is walking around the subway I love trying to share the message even if I do get shut down. The area I am in is so nice.  We are in the northern part of Seoul in the Seocho ward.  I am very blessed because the ward is fully functional and they love helping out the missionaries.  We have credit at some nice restaurants here so we eat very well. 

I feel so bad when members give us food or take us to eat or when investigators and their families give us food or money for a taxi I hate doing that. I love every person in Korea but because I love each investigator that I meet I worry about them and what I can do to help them. 

On Sunday I had to go introduce myself in Sacrament Meeting and share my testimony I didn't mess up which was good but it was so scary at the same time.  As far as I know everyone seems to like me.  We taught another family on Sunday night who 2/4 are members and the father has no interest, but we are teaching the daughter.  I'm so sad to see how Korean culture puts down others so much.  On the wall the girl had written 'tears' in a dark pencil and it hurt me inside so much. I couldn't stop telling her how much her Heavenly Father loves her however she didn't seem to really want to listen. We will be going back there each Sunday.  My area that I am serving has a lot of investigators so it is very good.

Today is pday and a kid in the ward wanted to go and play baseball so Arveseth being the nice guy he is, is gonna have us go play with him. I love the work I love the korean people I love you. Please pray for me.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Here We Are

He Is In Korea

Hello wonderful parents of our new incoming Korea Seoul Missionaries, I
just wanted to send out an email to let you know that all of your
children arrived here in our mission boundaries earlier this evening.
They arrived from the MTC at the incheon international airport, where
they were greeted by our Mission President and his wife, as well as our
assistants to the president and our office elders. They all seemed to be
very happy and healthy and ready to fulfill their callings as
missionaries here in the field. After a quick dinner at McDonalds the
missionaries left with the assistants to travel back to our mission
presidents home via metro. It was then that they began their first
experience with proselyting in Korea. Our mission president and office
elders drove their luggage and personal items back to the mission home
to await their return and prepare them for the night. They are all
currently sleeping at our mission presidents home, and have maybe been
asleep for about 3 hours now. In the morning time they will arise and
eat breakfast at the mission presidents home with him and his wife, and
then begin interviews. I will have the pleasure of escorting the foreign
missionaries, to the immigration office tomorrow morning to register
them as alien immigrants and to get their foreigner id cards. The will
then begin their training meeting at 9am and during that meeting
presented by our mission president they will not only receive training
that will help them throughout their missionary work but also will
prepare them for their future lives. They will also meet their trainers
and then after the conclusion of that meeting they will go directly with
their trainers to their new areas and begin work. We take a lot of pride
here in the Korea Seoul mission, on our level of obedience and diligence
and we are working hard to create the best mission possible. Our mission
president is so wonderful and serves our missionaries with all his might
and all his heart. We look forward to getting to know your missionaries
soon and we are grateful for their dedicated service to our mission.
Thank you for raising such wonderful children. 

Korea Seoul Mission


Follow this link to watch a video of Macay along with the Elders and Sisters singing.


Friday, February 10, 2012

Leaving on Monday, February 13, 2012.

  So excited to go serve the Lord and my brothers and sisters in Korea!  Stay Golden!