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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

13 Days or so....

just ps we have had an mtc priesthood miracle.  the bone spurs that were there, are now gone.  the church is true!
ok, so first last week was pretty difficult for me i was trying to work on some of my weaknesses and i wasn't doing so well. i was struggling along with everything else started to lack ether 12:27. i had been praying for God to show me my weaknesses and He did. each night i went to bed praying for help.  i realized last week how much elder h was like dad. in the fact that he has to control everything, know exactly whats going on and wont stop answering questions.  father-your new name is now elder h.  this wasn't a bad find, because i started to really focus on how blessed i really was, not just with the being well off with worldly things, but also how much my parents really do and did love me.  my dad having me where his shoes on a klondike because mine were filled with snow and other acts of kindness from both my parents and sister were great highlights in my last week. 
although i struggled i was reminded of a talk given here and the speaker said 'whenever you need an extra boost look towards the atonement' i did just that. anytime i felt alone etc., that's what i did.  finally, after a long hard week, my hard work paid off.  we were teaching our 'investigator' aka our teacher and we had previously committed him to keep the word of wisdom. Korean culture is that all the business men go out and drink at night. (ps.  so as you can guess he didn't keep it).  we planned on teaching about daily prayer, however with him not keeping his commitment we had to talk about it.  he said he had drank with some friends.  after all attempts he had failed. with my companions elder h and sister kent (she teaches with us), it was time to think not only about what to say but how to say it.  we sat there all startled and shaken up on how to go about it....
(just ps the gift of tongues is real)
my hard work last week paid off, with maybe 6 sentences.  i started telling him how when my father started to live the word of wisdom he was blessed.  i shared what blessings he had received and how he was able to do it through prayer.  this wouldn't have been such a big deal, but it was. i used a grammar form i had never used/heard of and used words i had maybe seen a few times. what a blessing to be worthy of the gift of tongues.  i don't know if i was correct in all my statements but i do know he got the message and he has continued to keep the word of wisdom.  just a side note. what has been said above was not me.  it was the Holy Ghost.  i must continue to work hardER in order to continue being blessed. 
that night, we had our weekly planning study. just a side note elder herman officially called dad 'big val'.  elder herman is always very proper but boy was that awesome to hear it from 'the gentle giant'-as he calls himself. at the end i started to receive a little praise but i had to assure my companions that it was not me.  it was another test to see who elder hunter really was. i don't know if i passed but i tried my best. it is so amazing to see the how much hard work really does pay off.  i may not be understanding this language or be the best missionary but i promise He is always mindful of his children. 
speaking of children. grandpa how are you doing???  more onion rings, fries or oreos eh? crazy cat. 
i am continually trying to become better.  was the time here in the mtc very long? you bet your bottom dollar. but am i so thankful for the refiners fire in order to prepare me spiritually for what is about to come? yes, so much.  i know that i can only do things through Him. I encourage everyone to remember how important faith is. how important a smile is. and most importantly the most important two words in this life and in the next THANK YOU.
thank you mom and dad for everything. thank you for this experience. thank you magen for choosing the right and listening to mom and dad and making good choices and working hard in volleyball so that i don't have to worry about anyone.  thank you all for your support and prayers. thank you all for supporting my family.  remember to pray. remember to smile.  make a new friend each and every day. and remember to be someones miracle!!!!!!!!
i love you all. one more email then i will be shipped to the incredible people of korea. 
stay golden and stay classy readers.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Three Week's To Go

hey i hope everyone is doing well we have 3 weeks left here in the mtc and then Korea!!!  could you guys send me some nutella? ah ah
i don't have much to say this time sorry.  Korean is slowly coming along i; wish i knew more then i do but i have put forth my best effort and i guess that's all that really matters.  after Friday when my feet really hurt they sent me to the byu urgent care where the doctor gave me a pretty strong pain killer  which didn't make me feel good at all. but then told me to go lay in bed till Monday when i could see the doctor.  i fasted on Sunday. over all those two days where very much needed.  not only to rest my feet but also because i was able to gain more faith.  i was able to finish the book of Mormon  and i am i think over halfway through with Jesus the Christ.  one thing that i have learned as it says in Jesus the Christ is that faith is a gift from God.  we must pray read etc in order to gain this wonderful gift.  i received a blessing Sunday night which was awesome.  so far my feet are feeling better than they were and i have hope confidence and faith that i will be able to leave February 13 as planned.  i am going to get an MRI today hopefully it will show something! but if it doesn't than even better!  magen how was preference?  i hope everyone is doing well.  how are the companionship inventories coming along?  studying?  i thank everyone for their prayers!! 
one thing that i would like to share real quick is how thankful we as member of the church need to be thankful for the Holy Ghost in our lives.  i love having its constant guide in my life. 
also how thankful i am for the atonement.  over the weekend laying in bed i had a lot to think about.  one thing that i thought about a lot and which gave me hope was the atonement. i encourage everyone when thinking that they cant go on or think that life is sometimes unfair or if your confused to think about how great the atonement is how thankful you are for it and tat alone will help you through any trial. 
next.  read the Book of Mormon not only if you aren't a member but also if you are a member!! that book, along with the bible, need to be the center of our studies.  i challenge you all to the same challenge elder bednar gave us.  go buy a paper back Book of Mormon with one question in mind  you can write your question or whatever you are studying in the front of the book, maybe you want to gain more faith or another topic.  read the whole thing looking for answers to those question marking where it may say an answer or writing down any impressions you may have.  once your done review it than when you are done go buy another and start with a new topic. before you know it you are going to have hopefully hundreds of Book of Mormon that when you are struggling with a problem you can go pull out the Book of Mormon you studied on that topic and become more focused.
one thing i have gained over these past 55 days is that whatever he3avenly father wants me to do he will help me get it done no matter how hard it is.
also i challenge each and every one of you to go onto lds.org. or Mormon.org and watch some of the videos they have up on those websites.  we are not alone.
don't ever stop praying.  have you ever heard anyone say 'oh they pray to much' no you haven't! pray!
last we all must try every day to have gratitude. without gratitude its gonna be hard to get through everyday life. show gratitude you never know who is watching!
i love everyone thank you so much for everything you are doing for me and thanks for allowing me to be here on this adventure!!  turn your problems to the lord, be grateful, and remember the atonement.
Elder Hunter

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Please, Keep Me In Your Prayers.

sorry i wont be having the chipper happy missionary mood for this email family.  went to the doctor today for my foot/feet.  the plantar fasciitis has calmed down due to the orthodics so thank you.  however the Achilles tendinitis has not at all.  i have bone spurs on the back of my feet which he thinks is causing the pain in my heel area.  he said this is called haglunds?  he also thinks i may have possible tears in my achilles which is causing the pain in my calves.  i am trying so hard to listen to all the rules obey pray everything do everything the doctor asks. I'm weighing in at 200 pounds and cant play basketball I'm trying so hard.
how we fix this. he has put me on piroxicam which should calm down the inflammation.  i take 20 mg once a day.  he said for you guys to go buy me come comfy crocks with little to no back so it will take the pressure of the bone spur.??didn't understand it but i said OK? he said they have fuzzy stuff on the inside which helps? i don't freaking know.  i guess i need these in black so i can wear them all day.  he said if it calms down then he will know it is my bone spur which is causing the problem.  if it is the bone spur,  then we try to stretch my shoes or add padding etc to relieve the pressure.  if that doesn't work he said he goes in and chops of the bone spur which can delay me up to 6 weeks and i will have pain for about a year.  at this point i do not care if i am delayed but i am not coming home. i don't want to get surgery because i don't want my family to pay for it. i want to enjoy my mission and i feel i am other than my foot.  he said surgery and i wanted to die.  i guess at this point just pray for me and if possible send me those crocs.  sorry for all of this guys.  i love you. i am trying so hard.  thanks for everything you are doing for me and giving me this wonderful opportunity.


can you maybe call president nilson and let him no whats going on and make sure he understands everything and see if he can do anything to help me? i will try to talk to my branch president on Sunday.  i don't care if i have to stay here in the mtc or go to a state side mission for a time to make sure I'm OK.  I'm not coming home and i don't care if i have to go to the prophet to ensure this.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another Week Down

hey hey how is everyone doing? first ha ha we are trying to have classy desserts for our midnight snacks.  mom dad the challenge is to get creme brulee' in.  if you send it in a cooler or something idk but are you up for the challenge? we had smoked sausage cheese and crackers last week.  mom dad i will email the measurements for my scriptures but it will be the measurements of the scriptures you will have to guess how big to make the box. 
my foot is getting better havent played basketball for a week but it still hurts.  this week has brought new challenges but luckily elder h, elder coats, elder hill, and i are getting along well so thats good.  korean is still coming slowly but i find that as i trust and trust more and just try my best i find it easier to understand.  our investigator who tried to drop us but we stopped him from doing so the very next lesson he said he wanted to be baptized.  so cool.
i am truly loving being here on a mission.  i love being a missionary.  i love striving more and more everyday to have the Spirits guidance and direction in my life.  IS this work easy? not at all.  has it gotten easier? not one bit.  but the joy that comes from kneeling at the end of the day knowing that my Heavenly Father was proud of my efforts is so worth it.  korean is so difficult.  but through prayer and hard work i am slowly starting to recieve the gift to understand and speak it.
how is my family doing?  one thing to note.  we got 26 new people in our zone speaking korean it is so exciting.  
this work is hard.  but it is rewarding.  the macay hunter you all know is not and was not capable to do any of this.  but the elder hunter, when he turns his whole spirit and heart to the lord can do this.  i am so thankful for the opportunity to be here. im thankful that all of you believe in me.  im thankful that my Heavenly Father believes in me.  that is the most important part of this life.  the fact that he believes in us.  the fact that he trusts us.  the fact that everyone has been taught the truth before this life.
may i remind everyone to continue to study.  continue to find ways to grow and have the light of Christ in your eyes. 
last.  i am so thankful for the opportunity to be sealed to my family forever. what a great blessing it is.  please share this message humbly. all trials in life, and questions, can be comforted and solved just by living the gospel of Jesus Christ.  desire. ask.  act. 
 i love you all.  i love being a missionary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
also. please pray for all of us saint fans around the world who lost everything thanks to the name alex smith.
i love you all i love this work i am thankful for this opportunity.  thank you all!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

6 week review

what a week. first thanks to kim, bruce, marcye for my wonderful christmas and birthday presents!! thank you greg and sally for the pens. everyone is loving them!! greg-may the bratty kid you once sent an email to make a book recommendation? you guessed it - The Book of Mormon. hahah just kidding thats the second book recommendation. the first one is: our search for happiness. my dad is great at giving gifts and im sure he would love to give it to you.
mom thank you so much for the two boxes i love them thank you for your hard work. snack, my letter to you is coming in the mail today along with anyone else who has written me. just a word real quick if you want a response from me it may be easier if you write a letter but, please include your address so i can respond. dear elder is very convenient but so hard to understand.

next sam heninger i better get a letter or dear elder from you soon or im gonna beat you with a pillow case filled with bars of soap. for anyone wondering his number is 8014716777 call him tell him i love him and to sing some bone thugz in harmony while he writes me.

i go in to the doctor today so lets see what happens.

i just have 2 experiences to share but first. i want to just say thank you. to anyone reading this THANK YOU. i am so grateful for all you have done for me and am thankful for this opportunity.

saturday we usually do what is called; weekly planning, where we plan for the week. obviously. in this planning session we include what is called companionship inventory where we share pretty much how we feel about our companion and what their strenghts are and something we think they should work on. i encourage everyone to try this in their own homes. it is in preach my gospel. i will include that last week was a very hard week for some reason and saturday i was a little down. first we start out with the strengths. (for this activity sister kent the only sister in our district joined elder herman and i, sister kent and i are good friends ps)  i am so thankful for the wonderful spirit that all sister missionaries bring into this work especially sister kent who i regard as one of my dear friends. let us all push on.

next. last night we were doing an activity of listening to the spirit while we teach. luckily we did this lesson in english. which is very rare. one of our teachers was watching, which didnt exactly help my nerves. elder herman was my 'investigator' who when i asked him to be baptized he said no. as i was able to finally find out why he said 'i dont want to be disowned by my family or anyone to think badly about me' from what i have heard this is one of the hardest things to solve. we all know how important family is. i didnt know how i was going to solve his problem.  but how was i going to convey the message that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will help him and love him?? how? we sat there for a second until a thought came into my head. a picture. i have a picture in my scriptures i received before i entered the mtc of Jesus holding a little girl. i found the picture with a brief description of, this is Jesus holding a little girl and i want you to listen to the feelings you will have as you see it. i handed him the picture. my teacher was shocked to see this method. as was i!!! no one has ever taught me to use a picture! of everything they teach us here a picture has never been shared. i am so thankful to be able to have the constant companionship of the holy ghost to teach me and help me. literally 2 minutes later of dead silence he lifted up his head. i asked him how he felt. i did not solve his problems nor erase them. haha i literally didnt do anything. the spirit taught him more, in him seeing a picture and listening than i could have taught him with my words. wow. i am so thankful. i have so much gratitude towards this work. as hard as it is and as much as i may miss my family i love doing this. 

in closing-sorry its so short. i just want to say thank you. mom dad family thank you for not killing me i know i was not the easiest kid to raise or anything like that. but i thank you all for forgiving me and allowing me to try again. thank you all so much for this opportunity. snack, thank you for being an example to me in journal writing and reading your scriptures. i was never one to really follow suit in your example but your example, to your loyalty they were amazing to me. dad hahah packing parachutes your awesome send me that story. i sure am trying! this work is difficult stuff but i feel that as i humble myself i become able to do this. thank you all, for the wonderful lessons you have taught me. greg read that book i wanna hear how it went. darren same for you!! better yet everyone in my family bruce kim shantel denten mikel brandon marcye grandma pierce grandpa pierce amy yoonwoo dallas morganne derrick grandpa eldredge grandma eldredge dane holy cow get eliza and molly the dogs to read it!! then read moroni 10:3-5. i want everyone to understand that as hard as this work may be for little macay hunter, that through the strength each day i get from the gospel and the atonement that ELDER hunter has a chance.

thank you all so much for everything. i love you!!!!!!!!!! be someones miracle today!!!!

and remember to always stay classy

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Please keep Macay in your prayers.

To all those that follow Macay's blog, please keep him in your prayers. Thank you.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Keep It Simple.

ok this is for mom, shantel, myself, and anyone else.
i am so so so saddened to hear about the student at lone peak who committed suicide. i am so sad to hear shantel about your friend who sounds like is struggling and also very saddened for the pack family.  i woke up what 3 hours ago thinking wow how does this stuff happen how can people for sad for misdeeds? sad that they dont feel loved? that they dont feel important? that they must do things like jeopardize others safety because of drinking?  think why do i have to go through THIS test?  my heart goes out to all those involved in the pack tragedy along with the family of magens friend. along with this. my heart goes out to every person who knew this student and may feel like they could have made a change in his life or should have been nicer. 
when i woke up the first thing that came to my mind was how is satan winning? how can he be having such great success? this is truly a battle over agency and glory.  we must keep the gospel simple and simply be that 'miracle' like i shared yesterday in someones life.  how can we feel loved? like shantel said for some it comes easy knowing heavenly father loves us for some its hard.  but how can we feel love? how can we feel forgiven? how can we have faith to make it through all the challenges. no, i dont know or understand much but these are my feelings on all of these.
first lets establish the words -understand and -eternity.  think about it.  understand. do we understand and know everything? but do we understand enough? yes. remember keep it simple.  next. eternity.  do we all know how long eternity is?  do we know what this life is for?  its not just a test!!!!  its also preparing us for the next life!! think about it.  we go through tests all day everyday  and do we fail? yes.  what is significant to each day and the atonement?  the sun comes up!! Jesus is alive, he is risen!! each new day we get to become better! the sun will come up!! think about it in a metaphor of school. personally i feel most teachers dont understand the word atonement aka in school terms retake a test.  we go through school for years but how do they train you?  they teach you for the up coming test and then after that test you are done you dont have to remember it until the review at the end of the year than you can forget it.  heavenly father doesnt work that way.  his plan is to give us tests some tests we will take for months straight only to wake up the next morning and retry or retake the test. understand? understand eternity?  once we pass that test he moves on to a more difficult test! but does he through in pop quizzes to see if we have remembered what we learned before? of course!!!! thus our agency!! please everyone understand the atonement! understand agency! understand eternity! there is one thing satan is after our agency.  how does he do this?  the paradox of man!! in the scriptures it says we are but the dusts of the earth but it also says that every soul is great in the eyes of god.  satan gets our agency by 1 making ourselves feel prideful or 2-making us feel like dust.
how can we understand all these things? how can we feel we are worth something? understand eternity? our worth in his eyes?  remember keep it simple....
think now faith in what? faith in the plan of salvation!! faith in his atonement! faith that every test and challenge isnt there to make us sad its to make eternity worth what it is!! celestial kingdom isnt something just going to be handed to us!! we must earn it!! but we dont have to do much!! articles of faith read them!! faith! repentance! baptism! holy ghost! endure to the end! is it harder than it sounds? of course it is but remember keep it simple.  my recommendation is for everyone to simply pray and seek for the gift of faith.  faith that his atonement is real and is for us.  please read the Christlike attributes in pmg!  strive to gain one of those each and every day.  keep everything simple!! all we need is faith!!  just have faith Jesus lives! he died for you mom!!!!!!! for me!! so that my mistakes in high school could be forgiven and i could be here!! so that when i am before the judgement seat i will see how awful of a person i am and was but guess what? Jesus is there holding my hand at the judgement day holding my hand saying heavenly father i died for macay so that he could be forgiven and live with us.  did he make mistakes? yes. but look at these to charts.  one is a chart of intentions. another is his acts.  did he have drop offs sometimes and sin and plateau a little? yes! but look at how his graph when he repents and strives to have better thoughts and acts is on a continual rise!! i think its a scripture in doctrine and covenants that says heavenly father forgets our sins! he does!! its not about your sins its about your progression or digression.
if their is anything i meant to share today it was faith. just have faith everyone!! there is a meaning and method to the madness we live in today but is it here to prepare for lives to come and test us! if he didntmacay hunter is now elder hunter and serving a mission.  we can do this and he knows we can.
i hope everyone can understand how important the plan of salvation is and the simple principles of the gospel. keep it simple.  how far kolob is from where we are is not a simple principle.  please keep it simple. for everyone striving to find happiness somewhere else or wait for a miracle or trying to find joy. the question may be where is there joy to be found?  and THANKFULLY someone is asking the same question somewhere else! my answer.
be someones miracle.
love you guys

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

alright snacky how you doin? i love you!!! i hope you doin ok.
first thanks to everyone for my birthday presents!!! i had one of the most memorable christmases of my life!!! i owe so much to my family back home grandma and gpa pierce,  donnie amy dallas tryst morg aij, shantel and kids, rach, and my parents!! i love you all so much thanks for everything! you all are awesome thanks for the support. how is everyone doing? mom i included a couple things in my email to you of what i need i think other than that im good.  i will have you know at one point in time we had 6 12 pack of mountain dew. aka 72 cans-the mtc truly is a heaven on earth. hahahahhahaah
what a week!!!!!!!  things are still going rough, however i have been going back to maintaining a positive attitude everyday waking up and saying my companion may smell,  i will probably not remember any korean, i will get my feelings hurt and probably hurt someone else's feeling, and today may go really slow,  BUT IT IS A DAY THAT THE SUN IS UP AND I GET TO KEEP ON KEEPIN ON!!! HOW BLESSED WE ALL ARE!! it seems new challenges await everyday and that just when i am trying to work on on christlike attribute i forgot to practice the millions of others.  how has everyones personal study coming along? im in 3rd nephi and wow!! how true is the book of mormon? how can someone deny or not feel the truth when reading him administer to the children in america??  it is a truly amazing book!! i am reading my book of mornon, reading preach my gospel, and every night i read jesus the christ. boy is that book tough  it has some huge words i didnt even know existed, the definitely didnt teach me any of this at lone peak.  i read that at night 1 because it has some interesting stuff 2 because it gets me to sleep. hahaha i need all the help i can get trying to get to sleep with a belly full of goodies and dew!!!  the spirit is way strong here and i love it.  as much as it stinks being here and not in korea for another 6 weeks it still is so awesome. i dont have to do dishes!!! but i do have a double duty of laundry(elder h) but im so blessed and lucky. 
speaking of korea. any news?  from what we have heard  there is supposedly a group in north korea trying to get some sort of revolt in order to reunify with south korea.  i dont know much about politics etc but my feeling is china wouldnt like that because they wouldnt have that nice 'bumper' that north korea is for them.  the odds that i get to go into north korea are very slim but i will tell you this.  if they did reunite im pretty sure us missionaries in the seoul mission would be able to break down the door a little.  2  i get those pre state/pre region big game butterflies whenever they talk about it.  im so ready!!!!!!!!!!  we must remember though that heavenly father prepares all his people and if not now they soon will be ready and prepared. at the beginning of each dispensation the lord provides miracles etc to prepare people for the gospel. we still have miracles today- however now that the the gospel is now revealed and has been for awhile who is in charge of making these miracles happen???  you guessed it. you are. you are and should be a miracle in someones life every day.  get doin work.
tell every single person going on a mission take care of their stuff now and get ready to come to work.  as frustrating it is to be here for so long you really get to see who has it and who doesnt.  not only that but you see who gets the opportunity to go home early and repent. as frustrating as it is to see people go home  it is a blessing to see that the Lord will forgive those that mess up and let them come and serve him! i promise you no one wants to miss out on this amazing work.
lately i have been allowing elder h to plan out the lessons.  he wasnt very good at it  but i drew up a pretty detailed step by step way to make one that he uses.  i will make one and send it home for you guys to give to brother tamang and ask him what he thiniks with some of the rms along with making improvements and sharing it with the mission prep class.
mom dad. we did sealings today and i must say how pumped and thankful i am to be with you all and snacky forever.  THANK YOU!!!
i had my first anxiety attack saturday night.  new years eve i cant get korean im a little homesick im frustrated with myself and my companion, along with we switch up a little bit and i now have to work with someone in my district i just cant bare to even look at and ya i freaked out. i spent the next 2 hours praying to calm down and forgive others and especially myself.
the next day  (sunday)  this question was asked. and i pose the same one to all of you.  where is your faith? is it misplaced, self centered, or in/of Christ? clearly as you can tell mine was very self centered.  so much to work on so much to improve at so much to learn and so much to share.  it is very humbling. luckily do to the AMAZING ATONEMENT i get to continue trying over and over again.  pma!!!!!! 
my foot. im stilll in the boot hopefully getting orthodics this week.  however i continue playing basketball which doesnt help.  not to mention let all of the eldredge anger out in my sports so i go to hard all the time.  often times i get into what some people call '#beastmode" (gotta get my twitter reference in) and simply dont bother to stop and think.  i twisted it yesterday and also got it stepped on pretty good.  hopefully i will start wising up.  i have had it in the boot sense just a slight bruising. where did my stupidity come from? mom? dad? i know it wasnt grandma hunter.  it had to be from the eldredge side. although grandpa hunter was pretty head strong.  let me know what you all think we will be conducting a poll ahhahahahahhahahaha.
time to leave now but i must say how grateful i am for all of you.  thank you for everything. i am truly lucky to know who i know and the influences you have all had on me.  i have so much to be grateful for.  my last thought is this.  is you are truly thankful for all that has been given to you from God, family and friends, how do we show our gratitude to them?  in word? anyo(korean for no)  in deed!! nay-(korean for yes)  keep trying to be kind not just because your supposed to or that you want to be. but because you are truly thankful.  i love you all so much continue to pray for the ppl in korea north and south all the missionaries in the field and dont forget our beloved prophet.  my call came from him. i love you all so much! wow!! oh happy new year aghhahahahahahhahahahhahahhahah wow i love you all thanks for this opportunity!! dad better hop back into that genealogy work we got work to do.