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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

13 Days or so....

just ps we have had an mtc priesthood miracle.  the bone spurs that were there, are now gone.  the church is true!
ok, so first last week was pretty difficult for me i was trying to work on some of my weaknesses and i wasn't doing so well. i was struggling along with everything else started to lack ether 12:27. i had been praying for God to show me my weaknesses and He did. each night i went to bed praying for help.  i realized last week how much elder h was like dad. in the fact that he has to control everything, know exactly whats going on and wont stop answering questions.  father-your new name is now elder h.  this wasn't a bad find, because i started to really focus on how blessed i really was, not just with the being well off with worldly things, but also how much my parents really do and did love me.  my dad having me where his shoes on a klondike because mine were filled with snow and other acts of kindness from both my parents and sister were great highlights in my last week. 
although i struggled i was reminded of a talk given here and the speaker said 'whenever you need an extra boost look towards the atonement' i did just that. anytime i felt alone etc., that's what i did.  finally, after a long hard week, my hard work paid off.  we were teaching our 'investigator' aka our teacher and we had previously committed him to keep the word of wisdom. Korean culture is that all the business men go out and drink at night. (ps.  so as you can guess he didn't keep it).  we planned on teaching about daily prayer, however with him not keeping his commitment we had to talk about it.  he said he had drank with some friends.  after all attempts he had failed. with my companions elder h and sister kent (she teaches with us), it was time to think not only about what to say but how to say it.  we sat there all startled and shaken up on how to go about it....
(just ps the gift of tongues is real)
my hard work last week paid off, with maybe 6 sentences.  i started telling him how when my father started to live the word of wisdom he was blessed.  i shared what blessings he had received and how he was able to do it through prayer.  this wouldn't have been such a big deal, but it was. i used a grammar form i had never used/heard of and used words i had maybe seen a few times. what a blessing to be worthy of the gift of tongues.  i don't know if i was correct in all my statements but i do know he got the message and he has continued to keep the word of wisdom.  just a side note. what has been said above was not me.  it was the Holy Ghost.  i must continue to work hardER in order to continue being blessed. 
that night, we had our weekly planning study. just a side note elder herman officially called dad 'big val'.  elder herman is always very proper but boy was that awesome to hear it from 'the gentle giant'-as he calls himself. at the end i started to receive a little praise but i had to assure my companions that it was not me.  it was another test to see who elder hunter really was. i don't know if i passed but i tried my best. it is so amazing to see the how much hard work really does pay off.  i may not be understanding this language or be the best missionary but i promise He is always mindful of his children. 
speaking of children. grandpa how are you doing???  more onion rings, fries or oreos eh? crazy cat. 
i am continually trying to become better.  was the time here in the mtc very long? you bet your bottom dollar. but am i so thankful for the refiners fire in order to prepare me spiritually for what is about to come? yes, so much.  i know that i can only do things through Him. I encourage everyone to remember how important faith is. how important a smile is. and most importantly the most important two words in this life and in the next THANK YOU.
thank you mom and dad for everything. thank you for this experience. thank you magen for choosing the right and listening to mom and dad and making good choices and working hard in volleyball so that i don't have to worry about anyone.  thank you all for your support and prayers. thank you all for supporting my family.  remember to pray. remember to smile.  make a new friend each and every day. and remember to be someones miracle!!!!!!!!
i love you all. one more email then i will be shipped to the incredible people of korea. 
stay golden and stay classy readers.

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