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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Three Week's To Go

hey i hope everyone is doing well we have 3 weeks left here in the mtc and then Korea!!!  could you guys send me some nutella? ah ah
i don't have much to say this time sorry.  Korean is slowly coming along i; wish i knew more then i do but i have put forth my best effort and i guess that's all that really matters.  after Friday when my feet really hurt they sent me to the byu urgent care where the doctor gave me a pretty strong pain killer  which didn't make me feel good at all. but then told me to go lay in bed till Monday when i could see the doctor.  i fasted on Sunday. over all those two days where very much needed.  not only to rest my feet but also because i was able to gain more faith.  i was able to finish the book of Mormon  and i am i think over halfway through with Jesus the Christ.  one thing that i have learned as it says in Jesus the Christ is that faith is a gift from God.  we must pray read etc in order to gain this wonderful gift.  i received a blessing Sunday night which was awesome.  so far my feet are feeling better than they were and i have hope confidence and faith that i will be able to leave February 13 as planned.  i am going to get an MRI today hopefully it will show something! but if it doesn't than even better!  magen how was preference?  i hope everyone is doing well.  how are the companionship inventories coming along?  studying?  i thank everyone for their prayers!! 
one thing that i would like to share real quick is how thankful we as member of the church need to be thankful for the Holy Ghost in our lives.  i love having its constant guide in my life. 
also how thankful i am for the atonement.  over the weekend laying in bed i had a lot to think about.  one thing that i thought about a lot and which gave me hope was the atonement. i encourage everyone when thinking that they cant go on or think that life is sometimes unfair or if your confused to think about how great the atonement is how thankful you are for it and tat alone will help you through any trial. 
next.  read the Book of Mormon not only if you aren't a member but also if you are a member!! that book, along with the bible, need to be the center of our studies.  i challenge you all to the same challenge elder bednar gave us.  go buy a paper back Book of Mormon with one question in mind  you can write your question or whatever you are studying in the front of the book, maybe you want to gain more faith or another topic.  read the whole thing looking for answers to those question marking where it may say an answer or writing down any impressions you may have.  once your done review it than when you are done go buy another and start with a new topic. before you know it you are going to have hopefully hundreds of Book of Mormon that when you are struggling with a problem you can go pull out the Book of Mormon you studied on that topic and become more focused.
one thing i have gained over these past 55 days is that whatever he3avenly father wants me to do he will help me get it done no matter how hard it is.
also i challenge each and every one of you to go onto lds.org. or Mormon.org and watch some of the videos they have up on those websites.  we are not alone.
don't ever stop praying.  have you ever heard anyone say 'oh they pray to much' no you haven't! pray!
last we all must try every day to have gratitude. without gratitude its gonna be hard to get through everyday life. show gratitude you never know who is watching!
i love everyone thank you so much for everything you are doing for me and thanks for allowing me to be here on this adventure!!  turn your problems to the lord, be grateful, and remember the atonement.
Elder Hunter

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