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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Please, Keep Me In Your Prayers.

sorry i wont be having the chipper happy missionary mood for this email family.  went to the doctor today for my foot/feet.  the plantar fasciitis has calmed down due to the orthodics so thank you.  however the Achilles tendinitis has not at all.  i have bone spurs on the back of my feet which he thinks is causing the pain in my heel area.  he said this is called haglunds?  he also thinks i may have possible tears in my achilles which is causing the pain in my calves.  i am trying so hard to listen to all the rules obey pray everything do everything the doctor asks. I'm weighing in at 200 pounds and cant play basketball I'm trying so hard.
how we fix this. he has put me on piroxicam which should calm down the inflammation.  i take 20 mg once a day.  he said for you guys to go buy me come comfy crocks with little to no back so it will take the pressure of the bone spur.??didn't understand it but i said OK? he said they have fuzzy stuff on the inside which helps? i don't freaking know.  i guess i need these in black so i can wear them all day.  he said if it calms down then he will know it is my bone spur which is causing the problem.  if it is the bone spur,  then we try to stretch my shoes or add padding etc to relieve the pressure.  if that doesn't work he said he goes in and chops of the bone spur which can delay me up to 6 weeks and i will have pain for about a year.  at this point i do not care if i am delayed but i am not coming home. i don't want to get surgery because i don't want my family to pay for it. i want to enjoy my mission and i feel i am other than my foot.  he said surgery and i wanted to die.  i guess at this point just pray for me and if possible send me those crocs.  sorry for all of this guys.  i love you. i am trying so hard.  thanks for everything you are doing for me and giving me this wonderful opportunity.


can you maybe call president nilson and let him no whats going on and make sure he understands everything and see if he can do anything to help me? i will try to talk to my branch president on Sunday.  i don't care if i have to stay here in the mtc or go to a state side mission for a time to make sure I'm OK.  I'm not coming home and i don't care if i have to go to the prophet to ensure this.

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