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Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

mom dad thanks for the pj's who's idea was that? it made everyone laugh so hard!! i videoed it and so far i have opened gifts from shantel. THANKS shantel for the gifts!! i love you guys!! i didn't have time to read all the notes but i will read them tonight. the pillow tie is brilliant. damian addi kolby derrick shantel i love you!!!! elder bednar came and talked to us today and it was amazing the guy talked for an hour and i still didn't want him to stop!!! i miss you guys!! mom, dad i haven't opened any other gifts but i plan to do so as soon as possible. this time last year we thought we were on our way to paradise but it ended up being a blizzard ya?? than we went golfing!! remember to serve others!! go study when satan tempted Jesus to eat and bow too satan. Jesus had been fasting for 40 days turned down temptation and then what did he do?? go study the verse where it says he was administered by angels. JESUS WASN'T ADMINISTERED BY ANGELS!! AFTER EVERYTHING HE SENT THEM TO ADMINISTER TO JOHN WHO WAS IN PRISON!! SERVE OTHERS GUYS!! its been a lonely time here I'm not gonna lie but I'm trying my best. crazy to think i am 19 in 4 days. where did time go?? before you know it ill be crying in president nilson office being released because i will wish i still in korea mom dad i love you. magen im glad to hear your doing better i love you so much!! get hold of 'yoonwoo' she made me some little laminated scripture cards and i use them in my lessons all the time!! thanks!! shantel and pack family i love you and addi addi addi holy cow!!! if anyone that needs to stay golden its you cuz you are so beautiful!! denten and family i love you guys i still cant count in korean really yet!! mikel wendy family get ready to send sawyer out!!! he will be awesome!! get ready now!! brandon kevin ashley and fam i love you all keep making good choices. donnie amy and fam thank you so much for all your support and not killing me when you had the chance!! i miss all our good times excluding black friday i love you guys!!!
i love you all so much one down one to go.
God bless everyone.

i love you guys thanks for the amazing christmass. ps i think we need to go to n ew zealand when we get back and go see the puiris haha my teacher is from there and it sounds amazing. xoxoxoxoxo i love you mom and dad and magen. better start learning korean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas Family

hey everyone i was very worried i wasnt going to get christmas packages all week until yesterday i got a package from shantel along with 6 packages today. 4 of them 12 packs of dew thanks everyone i will open them on christmas. mom it was great talking to you and to have magen listen in dad sorry i couldnt talk to you i will call you first at the airport unless you want different. i miss you guys so much. homesick, trying to learn a language, be a missionary. im trying my best to be happy. i had to jump on and tell you all thank you and merry christmas i hope aunt jane gave you all my memory chip and one of my teachers videoed us today. mom i dont see us getting into north korea just from what news is brought in from kids entering the mtc and the minimal our teachers tell us but i do know i will be safe in seoul. few things shantel thanks for the package and thank your kids for writing me. just so everyone knows i only get your mail/dear elders after dinner aka 5:30 everyday. letters help jeff peterson thanks for the letters from everyone and i have time to write on tuesdays. magen i love you im sorry you arent feeling well but wow i love you so much if there is one person i pray for the most its you. dont be stupid ok? you have more going for you than you know and you can do it. dad i love you i miss you thanks for all the wonderful Christmas cant wait to hit throw and run with you, with the way the work out schedule here is i get an hour everyday to work out on a hurt foot aka im pushin 200. mom wow thank you so much for being my mom and never giving up on me no matter how much trouble i was. im the youngest person here. the closest person to my home in my district. not only do i baby sit but i miss my family my best friend and i cant learn the language.
haha i started to cry and just got a bloody nose mom can you send me vitamin k i get 3-4 everyday..
im trying guys im trying so hard.
i love you

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

IF YOU MISS ME AND YOU KNOW IT CLAP YOUR HANDS!(no really clap your hands don't just laugh or cry)

mom first YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!! EVERYONE INCLUDING MYSELF IS LOVING ALL YOUR GIFTS!!! THANK YOU!! christmas here is crazy. so mom in answer of your questions. elder h got here the same day i did and we both leave the same day we are companions the whole time. we leave for korea if we get our visas february 13. the language is coming its slow but i have to stay patient. the only thing i can think of write know is there are these sharpie highlighters that i am using and im almost out of them if you could send like 2-3 packs that should last me. if not find another type of highlighter with lots of colors you should see my scriptures. the scripture cards can be as small as you please. we spend about 6+ hours studying korean each day! and teach 2 lessons in korean each day im with elder h the whole time im here.there is a district that leaves in 2 weeks because they got here 6 weeks before we did and then my whole district leaves the same day i do.i got a package from gma and i loved it THANKS GMA LETTER COMING SOON!! kim bruce thanks for the dear elder!! i dont have your address in ohio so i cant write back!! the ppl in my room are elders h, hill, and coats. as far as everyone in my zone and district it goes as follows. elders hill coats h snarr yoon hartzel mcdonald mcgee hunt. sisters kent furner hurt hansen abbott and choi.mom i do think elder h has some sort of mental challenge but i dont have a phd so i couldnt tell ya. elder h is practicing daily hygiene and it still smells sometimes. tell monsons i loved seeing them. elder h was teaching about faith and had talked for an hour when they walked in about the faith his ancestors had. i was sad to not see them after. i love serving.
ok first thing in my letter. tuesday sister dalton came and talked to us!! i wish i could share my notes with you but i dont have the time to share anything. but one thing. with the holy ghost on my side and desire and hard work my mission will be anything but a failure. i may be setting out to change someone or some families lives but my life will be changed more by them.
wednesday i got my boot and i think they called dad. i think it is getting better i wear the boot all day except when we go to gym i get it taped and try to run a little but my Achilles is getting very week. wednesday we spent 3-4 hours running from different doctors appointment i was told i have Achilles tendinitis and plantar faschitis so i wear this boot till january 6. i was so scared family. i wasnt coming home. the doctor gave me crutches before we really found out what was up and i said im not using them. i dont need the attention or the possibility of my branch president getting worried. i was literally carried (by the Spirit) all day wednesday in fear that i might have damaged my foot pretty good (thats what the 1st doctor said) so i was so scared but i had to trust. if god brings you to it he will bring you through it. later in the boot a german elder in our same building who is the only one in his family who is a member saw my boot and immediately asked if i had recieved a blessing. for anyone that knows me i dont like asking for priesthood blessings. about an hour later i humbled myself enough to ask a group of 5 in our little hall who would give me one. elder adam hill and never given a blessing before an decided he wanted to. it wasnt long by any means. but it was what i needed to hear and it was from the lord. i am so grateful for this sacred power.
we practice sharing the gospel. tell brother tamang everything he taught us was so dead on and i speak with confidence when we practice in english. some of these 21-22 yr old elders cant even lok me in the eye when we practice. i owe so much to brother tamang, covey and all the rms who helped out. pact!!! anyway we practiced giving a bom, sharing the gospel, and committing someone to baptism in 2 minutes. i did it in a minute and a half and did awesome. after wards sister kent said wow how did you do that! as you know me a replied sarcastically with ya im that good or something to that extent. immediately i had a feeling of disappointment. it wasnt me talking!! (sorry if this is so weird and churchy but im a missionary.) anyway i felt so upset with myself. i had to say a prayer asking forgiveness dad i started our search for happiness on the 14 of december and finished it last night. i felt that since it was kinda a big deal to you i had to read it also. there is one quote at the end about missionary work.
weaknesses become strengths, challenges become opportunities, trials become triumphs, and adversity becomes and adventure in the service of the lord.
neat huh? the mtc however it may not be home still has a wonderful spirit. there are times where i get homesick and think what am i doing here? but i feel im doing the right thing. brandon before i left assured me that i was doing the right thing. i know i can do this. food for thought. go read the testimony of the 3 and 8 witnesses in the front of the bom. after wards read the names of who they are and research/find out how many of them stayed members of the church. after that. ask this question. how important did families play a role back then and now?? families are important!! i encourage all to read the proclamation to the family and refocus on what they can do better at.
last. the other night.. i just forgot what i was going to say, maybe i wasnt suppose to say it. hahahhahahahhahahahha cliff hanger!!! i miss you all so much and thank you all for helping me by sending packages and letters i look forward to dear elders every night and letters. i encourage you all to continue to find ways to serve others you may not feel it made an impact on someone right then and there but it helps. the atonement is real. anyone who wants a feeling of piece the atonement can give it to you. big or small we can be forgiven. its not about tallying up how many sins we make and being judged on that. its our progress on and in our actions and intentions. there is always hope and improvement in every ones lives and we can all do it through the atonement.
i just remembered a few nights ago elder hill needed help writing a letter to someone with some questions so i helped him. the question was why does god let ppl he loves have trials, heartache, etc? my answer
i dont know!! i still dont know the reasons gma died before my baptism and why gpa died as i was trying to prepare for my mission. i dont know! but i know i trust him ad there will be a purpose!! also. the key word is love!!!!!!! why does god give us challenges if he loves us? ITS BECAUSE HE LOVES US!!!
also mom this is for you. well ill write it in your letter but its good you can share it with those you feel should hear it.
i love you all so much. those pics of gpa get me every time. everyone will be in their perfect form in heaven but i hope gpa still has his white hair and dentures. along with a few mumbling words when i get to to talk to him. one christmas down one to go. i must be home by the 13 of december 2013 korea said so haha. i love you guys. serve, forgive, trust, be patient, and never forget someone is always watching.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Macay's name tag with his "dork dot".

Elder Hunter's Desk.

Elder Herman's usual spot.

This is Elder Macay William Hunter and Elder Herman.

Photo's from the MTC

Macay goes to the Temple every Tuesday Morning for the 6:30 Session. We think Macay might have said, ok, I'm taking a picture for my family, pretend that is fun to be up this early.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


first. the last day the mtc receives packages is December 23rd not saying I'm expecting anything but just so you know. amy!1 hello! how is the family? tryst congrats on the first tooth loss buddy i haven't tried dog food yet but the food here at the mtc is pretty close to it. morg happy bday same to gpa and denten! gpa and gma pierce thanks for your lovely emails sorry i don't have more time to write you all but its tough being a missionary and a mom. second. mom dad magen i am thinking of getting you all a t shirt with something on it what sizes do you wear? merry christmas. second. you may need doctor dentens help and if you could reply in a dear elder to it asap it would be appreciated. i hurt my foot thursday last week and it has been hurting ever since. its the bottom/heel of my left foot along with my Achilles. should i just go get it xrayed or keep trying to go on? i cant run on it. if you can talk to him or something thatd be great if not plan on a medical bill. PETERSON FAMILY EXPECT A LETTER SOON YOUR FAMILIES CHRISTMAS CARD SAVED ME LAST NIGHT!!! Kim Bruce, send me your address so i can write letters! how is my buddy darrin? did they have fun skiing? for my family that didnt notice i missed my gma and gpa hunter the most before i got here. i didn't tell any of you cuz well rememeber im trying to be tough. but wow i miss them. a "sister christensen" sent me some names let her know i will be returning them today we completed 9/10. family i have eh 3-4 photos to send you there isnt much around here.
I CAN PRAY IN KOREAN!! crazy huh? all i can say is im thankful for food, family, companion. along with asking for the spirit and gift of tongues but still!! next he doesnt really understand korean and instead of building a foundation he jumps into complex sentences so the whole lesson i taugh and was very frustrated. i spent all gym time/1 hour teaching him how to shoot a layup however funny it is to watch him play he tries so hard.if there was anything the lord was trying to teach me its 1 patience. with the language, my companion, the mtc, letters everything! 2 service. thats what this mission is about its not macay william hunter any longer (president shin my branch president says that he is the first 5 foot man i have been afraiid of) anyway macay is dead. it is now elder hunter dum dum dum!! whahahahah! im changing and growing each day not only in the gospel but in being a person. they teach you everything here about life!! this is like the life training center! the other day my teacher shared a scripture i dont remember on hand but it is about being proactive people not reactive people! so true right?? its helped so much! being positive and smiling helps too! everyone in my ZONE asks how i do it and why i am always smiling and honestly? no idea. i go to bed every night thinking i cant do it anymore im tired my body hurts i cant handle another task spending 6 hours in a classroom i just cant do it! but i truly see my Saviors love in my life not only in the day when i am about to go crazy but also when i read my patriarchal blessing and pray!! pray pray pray!! i remember a friend and i were going through some troubles together and all we would do is pray!!! i mean honestly as hard as it is to listen. its so easy to say i dont need his help i can do it without him but really honestly you cant!!!! how?? pray not only to see and feel his love you in your everyday life but also how you can help share it. one of elder herman's analogies related to us somehow holding big diamonds and allowing the light of Christ to reflect through our diamonds and projecting the light to an others diamond? difficult concept to grasp but its true. the mtc is so hard. i miss home. i miss good food. i miss my family. i miss sleeping past 6:31. but like i said macay is dead and elder hunter with my heavenly father can do anything.
last. one of the thing i worry about the most is mine and my families life in the next to come. we can all make it there. obedience brings blessings but earnest true obedience brings miracles. whenever i get tired i think of how great my brother was to fulfil the infinite atonement for me. it gives me hope and faith!! this may be hard being here forgetting myself but the blessings i hope to receive along with the joy i get of seeing someone smile or feel the spirit is so amazing! we can all do it!!! charity
i love you all. talk to you next week. stay strong and keep on keepin on. xoxo
stay golden

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

First email

family! hi! how is everyone? first thank you so much for the packages and letters. i have a room of 4 so when you send things send in bulk. ill tell you guys first what i need etc then you must
listen to how um fortunate? i have it here. first. SEND FOOD MTN DEW ANYTHING!
i love you guys! second! there is an elder in my room elder coats his bday is
Monday and his favorite color is blue maybe a tie? idk i need something he is
awesome! please wrap. second Christmas is coming up we have 16 ppl in our zone
something small to give everyone a pen etc would be nice. thank you. also, a
ralph lauren tie made of a type of yarn skinny tie with square bottom, a brother
here had it and i love it. if you found one for Christmas for me i would love
you all. morganne, if you know a kid by the last name kent in your grade at
your school tell him his sister is in my district and she is a saint. become
friends. stay golden. anyone who writes me expect a letter soon I'm trying to
write you asap. dad can you send me a lanyard of some sort to hold my key and
id card? thanks. also have my id, debit card and visa arrived? forgive the
grammar etc i am typing fast.   caroline, the guy from new zealand that we met? ya he is my teacher. sent from heaven that one is!! i could just eat his cute accent right up!!!!! snacker. I'm getting a letter for you. never forget to pray and remember without family we have nothing.
proclamation to the world!

about my week..

k ill be honest i don't enjoy it here. i have been waiting to tell you guys
everything. food is so so but i have to eat as you know so i eat it anyway.
Korean, harder than calculus, i don't wanna learn it because it makes me so
depressed. luckily i get maybe an hour of personal study so i can feel my
Saviors Love through that. its hard guys it really is 12 weeks here i am
praying for a new call. ha not really the Korean language is beautiful i am
trying hard to learn it. i have seen elder Baxter and sister Tamang. they are
amazing!! sis Tamang and i just about hugged but wow they keep me going with a
simple smile.

about my week continued.

actually talking, and anything else i have learned so much from ... everyone
in my district explains how bad they feel for me and how i do it and honestly i
don't know how. i have changed already! i told ... i loved him and he
didn't say anything! i am trying so hard to serve him and others in anyway
possible. yes family i am nice to everyone. he has such a strong testimony and
understands the gospel so well. i look up to him so much and he knows the
scriptures like the back of his hand. i am trying guys. honestly i have wanted
to come home so much. i wake up every morning kicking the ladder of the bunk
bed. go take a cold shower i don't enjoy the mtc one bit. but i know i-need to have patience to learn the language and i can only do that by being here.

pray, serve, communicate, pray with all your heart + WITH FAITH!! i have 2
minutes left to email so here we go. dad please send a BOM to darren..i have
been thinking about him a lot and he needs to read it!!!!! please! i love you
all so much!!!!! thank you so much for t5his opportunity. magen i love you.
y'all can delete some of this but ya. i love you mom and dad!!! thank you for
this opportunity!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my heart aches everyday for you. i love
you guys. read 30 minutes each day and all heart ache will go away i promise.
kolby bug, study the preach my gospel page to page its time to get to work. i
love you all!!!!
***Please keep Macay in your prayers and send letters, as many as you can.***

Monday, December 5, 2011

Our First Letter

Today was a very exciting day! We received our first letter from Macay. It was short, although we are grateful that he wrote. He was planning on starting a "fund" to challenge the other missionaries to not write their parents and who ever "caved" would have to put a dollar in the "fund". Then, who ever lasted the longest would get the "fund". Well...Macay lasted a day and we are all so grateful that the "fund" was just "talk".

As of December 1, he said he is enjoying it. His companion's name is Elder H.

Macay's P-day will be Tuesday so we will look forward to an email then.

He has ask that we keep him in our prayers. Specifically praying that he "may keep his spirts high" and that he "will not get discouraged."

He said in his letter, "I am enjoying it!" "I love this work!" and that he hasn't "cried yet but it will come".

We will of coarse keep him in our prayers and ask that you do the same. We love him and miss him, at the same time, we would not want him doing anything else at this time in his life. He is a strong and valiant young man with many gifts to share with those around him.