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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


first. the last day the mtc receives packages is December 23rd not saying I'm expecting anything but just so you know. amy!1 hello! how is the family? tryst congrats on the first tooth loss buddy i haven't tried dog food yet but the food here at the mtc is pretty close to it. morg happy bday same to gpa and denten! gpa and gma pierce thanks for your lovely emails sorry i don't have more time to write you all but its tough being a missionary and a mom. second. mom dad magen i am thinking of getting you all a t shirt with something on it what sizes do you wear? merry christmas. second. you may need doctor dentens help and if you could reply in a dear elder to it asap it would be appreciated. i hurt my foot thursday last week and it has been hurting ever since. its the bottom/heel of my left foot along with my Achilles. should i just go get it xrayed or keep trying to go on? i cant run on it. if you can talk to him or something thatd be great if not plan on a medical bill. PETERSON FAMILY EXPECT A LETTER SOON YOUR FAMILIES CHRISTMAS CARD SAVED ME LAST NIGHT!!! Kim Bruce, send me your address so i can write letters! how is my buddy darrin? did they have fun skiing? for my family that didnt notice i missed my gma and gpa hunter the most before i got here. i didn't tell any of you cuz well rememeber im trying to be tough. but wow i miss them. a "sister christensen" sent me some names let her know i will be returning them today we completed 9/10. family i have eh 3-4 photos to send you there isnt much around here.
I CAN PRAY IN KOREAN!! crazy huh? all i can say is im thankful for food, family, companion. along with asking for the spirit and gift of tongues but still!! next he doesnt really understand korean and instead of building a foundation he jumps into complex sentences so the whole lesson i taugh and was very frustrated. i spent all gym time/1 hour teaching him how to shoot a layup however funny it is to watch him play he tries so hard.if there was anything the lord was trying to teach me its 1 patience. with the language, my companion, the mtc, letters everything! 2 service. thats what this mission is about its not macay william hunter any longer (president shin my branch president says that he is the first 5 foot man i have been afraiid of) anyway macay is dead. it is now elder hunter dum dum dum!! whahahahah! im changing and growing each day not only in the gospel but in being a person. they teach you everything here about life!! this is like the life training center! the other day my teacher shared a scripture i dont remember on hand but it is about being proactive people not reactive people! so true right?? its helped so much! being positive and smiling helps too! everyone in my ZONE asks how i do it and why i am always smiling and honestly? no idea. i go to bed every night thinking i cant do it anymore im tired my body hurts i cant handle another task spending 6 hours in a classroom i just cant do it! but i truly see my Saviors love in my life not only in the day when i am about to go crazy but also when i read my patriarchal blessing and pray!! pray pray pray!! i remember a friend and i were going through some troubles together and all we would do is pray!!! i mean honestly as hard as it is to listen. its so easy to say i dont need his help i can do it without him but really honestly you cant!!!! how?? pray not only to see and feel his love you in your everyday life but also how you can help share it. one of elder herman's analogies related to us somehow holding big diamonds and allowing the light of Christ to reflect through our diamonds and projecting the light to an others diamond? difficult concept to grasp but its true. the mtc is so hard. i miss home. i miss good food. i miss my family. i miss sleeping past 6:31. but like i said macay is dead and elder hunter with my heavenly father can do anything.
last. one of the thing i worry about the most is mine and my families life in the next to come. we can all make it there. obedience brings blessings but earnest true obedience brings miracles. whenever i get tired i think of how great my brother was to fulfil the infinite atonement for me. it gives me hope and faith!! this may be hard being here forgetting myself but the blessings i hope to receive along with the joy i get of seeing someone smile or feel the spirit is so amazing! we can all do it!!! charity
i love you all. talk to you next week. stay strong and keep on keepin on. xoxo
stay golden

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