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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

First email

family! hi! how is everyone? first thank you so much for the packages and letters. i have a room of 4 so when you send things send in bulk. ill tell you guys first what i need etc then you must
listen to how um fortunate? i have it here. first. SEND FOOD MTN DEW ANYTHING!
i love you guys! second! there is an elder in my room elder coats his bday is
Monday and his favorite color is blue maybe a tie? idk i need something he is
awesome! please wrap. second Christmas is coming up we have 16 ppl in our zone
something small to give everyone a pen etc would be nice. thank you. also, a
ralph lauren tie made of a type of yarn skinny tie with square bottom, a brother
here had it and i love it. if you found one for Christmas for me i would love
you all. morganne, if you know a kid by the last name kent in your grade at
your school tell him his sister is in my district and she is a saint. become
friends. stay golden. anyone who writes me expect a letter soon I'm trying to
write you asap. dad can you send me a lanyard of some sort to hold my key and
id card? thanks. also have my id, debit card and visa arrived? forgive the
grammar etc i am typing fast.   caroline, the guy from new zealand that we met? ya he is my teacher. sent from heaven that one is!! i could just eat his cute accent right up!!!!! snacker. I'm getting a letter for you. never forget to pray and remember without family we have nothing.
proclamation to the world!

about my week..

k ill be honest i don't enjoy it here. i have been waiting to tell you guys
everything. food is so so but i have to eat as you know so i eat it anyway.
Korean, harder than calculus, i don't wanna learn it because it makes me so
depressed. luckily i get maybe an hour of personal study so i can feel my
Saviors Love through that. its hard guys it really is 12 weeks here i am
praying for a new call. ha not really the Korean language is beautiful i am
trying hard to learn it. i have seen elder Baxter and sister Tamang. they are
amazing!! sis Tamang and i just about hugged but wow they keep me going with a
simple smile.

about my week continued.

actually talking, and anything else i have learned so much from ... everyone
in my district explains how bad they feel for me and how i do it and honestly i
don't know how. i have changed already! i told ... i loved him and he
didn't say anything! i am trying so hard to serve him and others in anyway
possible. yes family i am nice to everyone. he has such a strong testimony and
understands the gospel so well. i look up to him so much and he knows the
scriptures like the back of his hand. i am trying guys. honestly i have wanted
to come home so much. i wake up every morning kicking the ladder of the bunk
bed. go take a cold shower i don't enjoy the mtc one bit. but i know i-need to have patience to learn the language and i can only do that by being here.

pray, serve, communicate, pray with all your heart + WITH FAITH!! i have 2
minutes left to email so here we go. dad please send a BOM to darren..i have
been thinking about him a lot and he needs to read it!!!!! please! i love you
all so much!!!!! thank you so much for t5his opportunity. magen i love you.
y'all can delete some of this but ya. i love you mom and dad!!! thank you for
this opportunity!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my heart aches everyday for you. i love
you guys. read 30 minutes each day and all heart ache will go away i promise.
kolby bug, study the preach my gospel page to page its time to get to work. i
love you all!!!!
***Please keep Macay in your prayers and send letters, as many as you can.***

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