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Monday, December 5, 2011

Our First Letter

Today was a very exciting day! We received our first letter from Macay. It was short, although we are grateful that he wrote. He was planning on starting a "fund" to challenge the other missionaries to not write their parents and who ever "caved" would have to put a dollar in the "fund". Then, who ever lasted the longest would get the "fund". Well...Macay lasted a day and we are all so grateful that the "fund" was just "talk".

As of December 1, he said he is enjoying it. His companion's name is Elder H.

Macay's P-day will be Tuesday so we will look forward to an email then.

He has ask that we keep him in our prayers. Specifically praying that he "may keep his spirts high" and that he "will not get discouraged."

He said in his letter, "I am enjoying it!" "I love this work!" and that he hasn't "cried yet but it will come".

We will of coarse keep him in our prayers and ask that you do the same. We love him and miss him, at the same time, we would not want him doing anything else at this time in his life. He is a strong and valiant young man with many gifts to share with those around him.

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