I'm a Mormon

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Plan of Salvation Sister Stucki Had Us Practice Every Sunday!

Hey everyone! Hope things are going good!!  Things this past week have been great!!  It has been hard lately seeing as we only have one investigator in the Korean ward and the rest of our investigators, go to the English branch.  As far as our most progressing investigator, the Lord has prepared him so much. I love teaching him.  I feel like I say that the Lord is proud of him more than anything else.  He is from France and he has such a big heart.  I wish I could be as committed as he is.  I taught him the plan of salvation yesterday with a member that he has a great friendship with and he has decided to get baptized. It was so great to see him look at the picture of the plan (the one that Sister Stucki had us practice every Sunday) and just hear him say wow this is great. I haven’t felt this happy for someone in a long time.  We have another investigator (the only Korean) and he really just needs friends. He also has decided to get baptized but because of his class schedule he hasn’t been able to come to church on Sunday yet.
This is the best place to be.  I'm so glad to be here in Korea.  Thank you for everything!

Elder Hunter