hello family!! 
this week has been good!! kinda hard for me emotionally to keep working knowing that i will probably be leaving to another area but it has been good!! so i have a lot to talk about so i hope i wont leave out any good things so here we go!  last monday we taught a lesson to an investigator who just isn't progressing he has been taught for almost a year now and ya. anyway we taught with our old mission president and it was amazing.  our investigator values korean history and pride over the things of Jesus Christ. well our investigator was on the top of his arguing game.  he had a raised voice and was very disrespectful to our old mission president. who by the way is much older than our investigator so it was completely out of culture norm for him to behave the way he was. well he cut our mission pres off from talking and our old mission president didn't even get mad!! he listened to him and then in the most calm and tender voice expressed how he felt followed by how he loved our investigator!!! i was shocked! we then all shared a testimony but just to see his love for this man that he didn't know and be calm was an amazing experience.

next another investigator has hated reading the book of mormon and we couldn't get him to read it. so we gave him the book of mormon story children's book in english along with his reading assignment in the chapters in the book of mormon in korean. well guess what. now that he realizes the bom is a big story he refuses to take the children's story version and is even reading through what we assign him to read! we read first nephi 4 together and he loves that nephi follows Gods commandments and loves zoram just cuz he likes his name hahah.  so great.

heard a quote last week that i wanted to share. it is 'those who understand commandments desire to find more to keep because they know the blessings they will receive.' that is so true!!  next we had an investigator a few weeks ago go m.i.a.  we taught him the first three lessons in a week and then suddenly stopped answering. well we texted him last week saying i was probably going to be leaving and that i wanted to say goodbye.  we found out why he stopped answering calls!  we invited him to church twice and because he didn't come he felt very ashamed.  well as we met we said we forgave him and we continued to share the talk by president holland and he loved it he had such a big smile on his face. if you haven't read that talk read it if you haven't read it in the past day read it again.  well elder gillis will meet him again this next week! 

last my personal studies. recently i have been trying to change some attributes that i felt and feel need to change.  i have been having a hard time until i realized i had been doing it all the wrong way. i was trying to do it alone when all i needed to do was ask for help. the phrase 'in the strength of the Lord' has been a huge part of this process. and now i think my improvement will go better.

next, may i recommend 'for times of trouble' by holland its a great talk. go read it haha.
i love you all! transfers are tonight but its ok its probably time to leave since i have been here for 7 months!  all is well!

Elder Hunter