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Sunday, September 2, 2012

another baptism in seocho

hey everyone.  so this week has been pretty good. crazy cuz there has been a lot of rain and a small typhoon, so there was a lot time spent inside making phone calls. which is hard because being here for 7 months i have called every contact or past investigator etc since 2000.

our investigator was baptized this week it was a little crazy because of some things that we had to work out the day before, but we got it figured out.  the baptism went great and although she might still have doubts or doesn’t completely understand everything, she has so much faith and a desire to do what’s right.  i think with the help of the ward that that will be enough.  if anyone one goes to temple square let sister kim know she got baptized.

she said that if the bishop of our ward hadn’t gone to her father’s funeral she wouldn’t have had much interest. it's amazing to see how much the spirit really works on ppl.

since i most likely only have 2 weeks left here in seocho, I shared a message with the ward in testimony meeting.  boy, is that scary getting up trying to share a testimony in another language.  especially when everyone goes dead silent.  anyway the feeling after i shared was so rewarding.  the bishop shared a testimony after me saying that he didn’t want to me to leave hahaha, which is funny cuz he didn’t remember, my name till...i had been here for 4 months but it was good.  interesting blessing i discovered last week was that 2 weeks ago there were 111 people at church. that’s about 15 more than when i got here. the Lord has blessed me to see that great growth here in Seocho. all thanks to the wonderful ward missionaries.

last thing i wanted to share, was a talk we had a training on, by elder warren.  Jesus the perfect leader, by i think president Kimball.  what a great talk.  i haven’t been able to put it down.  the other day i went through and listed every attribute that it states. ha in short i have
a lot to improve on.

im thankful for this opportunity as a missionary.  being here in Seocho for 7 months has been a blessing for me.  this area and the people here are so amazing. this work is amazing!!

Elder Hunter

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