I'm a Mormon

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I spy with my little eye...9...9...

well, guess what everyone!!!  someone is getting baptized next week!!  we have been teaching her this transfer and she said she wants to get baptized this next week! she went to temple square and met a korean speaking missionary!  she didn't have interest but the korean missionary kept emailing her and she started coming to church and ya!! so so so cool!!  
on some rather sad news our friend texted us and said he cant meet anymore. he stopped texting or answering our calls maybe 3 weeks ago and now he said he cant meet.  its been hard for me to understand why he doesn't want to meet but its something i need to work better at.
yesterday we taught slava! it was weird we were suppose to meet him at 5 at his house but for some reason he changed and we met him at 3 at the church.  yesterday morning i woke up and had a feeling to make sure i put my english scriptures and the liahona from the general conference in my bag and i had no idea why!! well our investigator came in and we were talking about envy and jealousy.  i remembered elder hollands talk from conference and shared some pieces of it. it was such a great lesson and even bigger miracle!!  
also a less active that i have tried to find since i first came here showed up to english class on saturday!! it was amazing!! and i knew exactly who he was when he walked in!! i was so happy to see him and here his stories form his youth.  such a great miracle.
we also had a mission conference this week.  president christensen challenged us all to make a life mission statement. i am so excited to finish mine. it has been an awesome experience to see what i really want in life!!  so exciting! i challenge everyone if they have time to make one!!  
it has been a great week and i would love to hear from everyone!! love you!

Elder Hunter

Monday, August 13, 2012

Cookin' and Cleanin'

hey everybody!! how are things going?  here in korea things are great!!  It is hot as ever!! but, it’s so fun!!  this week was good we worked hard again. we had a good teaching thing with our old mission president and our new investigator.  she wants to be a member but doesn’t know when she wants to get baptized.  not really any big exciting news except that i did find out one of my biggest strengths out here in the mission..

this last week we only paid for one meal...the rest we got either paid for or people brought us food hahah elder gillis is so happy. i have a joke that i talk about like it's 'my missionary value'  obviously if you can speak korean and invite the spirit you are a good missionary. cooking and cleaning and a sense of humor come into play also. as of right now i can cook, clean, help people feel loved and get us free meals hahahaha it’s a good combo.

we have one investigator now that already wants us to get her a triple combination, but as of right now she doesn’t want to get baptized. she was so cute when she found out that God had a body hahahaha so so so funny. 

as far as something i learned this week.  we were teaching slava and i kind of wanted to just tell him all these things that he needs to gain a testimony of. but mid lesson, I realized that i was in the wrong. i am not the teacher, the spirit is. i learned, i needed to follow the spirit and say what he wanted me to say.  the lesson to him was not the best lesson in the world nor did he make any huge improvements but through asking questions and literally sitting in a room for a minute of silence we knew what to say.  i'm slowly finding out that maybe the best thing to testify of to anyone is, that God loves them. 

in light of everything that went on before my mission I would like to add my testimony to President Monsons. Job 14:14 If a man die, shall he live again?  yes he will. I read the talk Mrs. Patton, the story continues by President Monson this week.  What an amazing blessing of the promises God has given us. we will live again and i will be able to see my grandparents again.  what a super cool blessing!!  i love you guys be someone’s miracle today!!!

Elder Hunter

Monday, August 6, 2012

my first baptism

hello everyone! last week was fun!  i was able to stay in seocho for one last transfer. i think that is good. being here for 6 months has been good.  unfortunately, maybe it is time.  we set some pretty high goals this transfer so that we can continue to work hard.  our investigator came back from china last week.  before he left we heard that he didn’t know how his parents would take him wanting to join a religion.  also, that he didn’t think he had enough faith.  well, he came back on wednesday and we met friday. we were ready to answer some questions and address some problems etc. and were thinking that he would get baptized next week. but the second we sat down, he said “i could still get baptized tomorrow right?”  and of course we said yes and made sure everything was ok. his father said it was his decision.  he got baptized yesterday and elder gillis gave me the opportunity to do it.  the single adults did an amazing video about faith for him. i will send it home on a memory chip. his only 2 concerns were, how does he place his hands and he wanted me to make sure i knew that he didn’t swim.  what an amazing opportunity it was.  this week has been amazing!!!!
Elder Hunter