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Monday, August 6, 2012

my first baptism

hello everyone! last week was fun!  i was able to stay in seocho for one last transfer. i think that is good. being here for 6 months has been good.  unfortunately, maybe it is time.  we set some pretty high goals this transfer so that we can continue to work hard.  our investigator came back from china last week.  before he left we heard that he didn’t know how his parents would take him wanting to join a religion.  also, that he didn’t think he had enough faith.  well, he came back on wednesday and we met friday. we were ready to answer some questions and address some problems etc. and were thinking that he would get baptized next week. but the second we sat down, he said “i could still get baptized tomorrow right?”  and of course we said yes and made sure everything was ok. his father said it was his decision.  he got baptized yesterday and elder gillis gave me the opportunity to do it.  the single adults did an amazing video about faith for him. i will send it home on a memory chip. his only 2 concerns were, how does he place his hands and he wanted me to make sure i knew that he didn’t swim.  what an amazing opportunity it was.  this week has been amazing!!!!
Elder Hunter

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