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Sunday, August 26, 2012

I spy with my little eye...9...9...

well, guess what everyone!!!  someone is getting baptized next week!!  we have been teaching her this transfer and she said she wants to get baptized this next week! she went to temple square and met a korean speaking missionary!  she didn't have interest but the korean missionary kept emailing her and she started coming to church and ya!! so so so cool!!  
on some rather sad news our friend texted us and said he cant meet anymore. he stopped texting or answering our calls maybe 3 weeks ago and now he said he cant meet.  its been hard for me to understand why he doesn't want to meet but its something i need to work better at.
yesterday we taught slava! it was weird we were suppose to meet him at 5 at his house but for some reason he changed and we met him at 3 at the church.  yesterday morning i woke up and had a feeling to make sure i put my english scriptures and the liahona from the general conference in my bag and i had no idea why!! well our investigator came in and we were talking about envy and jealousy.  i remembered elder hollands talk from conference and shared some pieces of it. it was such a great lesson and even bigger miracle!!  
also a less active that i have tried to find since i first came here showed up to english class on saturday!! it was amazing!! and i knew exactly who he was when he walked in!! i was so happy to see him and here his stories form his youth.  such a great miracle.
we also had a mission conference this week.  president christensen challenged us all to make a life mission statement. i am so excited to finish mine. it has been an awesome experience to see what i really want in life!!  so exciting! i challenge everyone if they have time to make one!!  
it has been a great week and i would love to hear from everyone!! love you!

Elder Hunter

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