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Sunday, September 23, 2012


hello everyone!
this week has been good and i have a lot to write so here we go.

we went to the temple on tuesday it was awesome.  i felt i should talk with my mission president and i was looking for some comforting words or some encouragement and i didn’t get it. haha but i did get the few words of 'you will be blessed.' and that’s enough for me. it has helped remind me of doctrine and covenants 78:17-18 and how it is hard but i will be blessed. so far the counsel i have gotten from my 2 mission presidents is smile, and you will be blessed. i guess that’s what i gotta do smile and trust it will be worth it.

my comp has been a little sick which has left me with a lot of personal study. so far i think the best conference ever given was november of 2008 or march 2012 i could read those talks over and over again. in 2008 elder bednar talked about prayer and about giving thanks.  i have tried doing that this week and it has made all the difference. as i hope some people may know i love prayer! i love the fact that i can pray! 

however i have gotten in the habit of giving thanks, then asking for help for myself.  i realized in his talk that i will only gain more knowledge and help if i continue to try to be the answers to others prayers, even if that means just me praying for them.  it has made a big difference in my life this last week.

learned something cool this week in korean. in jacob 7:27  enos states he will obey.  in korean there are 2 different types of obedience. 1 is full complete obedience with all your heart and the other is only partial obedience on a outward obedience/doing it because he has too. enos in jacob accepts it because he has too but after he prays he wants to follow and obey with all his heart. i thought that was kinda cool. 

i have been able to read a lot in the book of mormon this week. what an amazing guy shelaman and moroni are! first i think it’s neat to see that all 2,000 warriors were a complete group and never once is one name brought out alone. they accomplished great things together as a group and not only because they were a group but...their mothers knew it too and taught them!!!! 

obey your mom.  she is your mission president right now hahaha at least that’s what we here when we go back(mom don’t hold this against me when i get home) i also think its interesting how in alma 62:4-5 because of moroni's standards many people wanted to follow because he was so public about his standards and didn’t hide them!

lastly as many people know this week last year i got my mission call and also grandpa hunter died followed with the funeral and macays around the world trip.  the part i wish to focus on is grandpa. 

we had the opportunity to go give a blessing to a grandma yesterday. boy did that scare and remind me of grandpa.  a year has gone by and wow. i sure do miss him and grandma.  but yesterday i decided to do some more studying and found the same scriptures that gave me comfort last year.  alma 40;12 and 23 

not only will i see grandpa again but he will be able to remember who i am!  how thankful i am for this!! and how thankful i am that he won’t put me in an arm bar either. last night was a little emotional thinking about how it is time to get his work done for him.  thinking about if he will accept it etc.  started to think about what type of missionary i would want to teach my grandpa 1 peter 4:6.  

obviously one who is a good missionary right? then i got to think if i was that missionary and if not, how i could get there? 

this week has gone by fast.  i am thankful for the blessings i have to be here in korea. 

i love you guys.


  1. Elder Hunter is a great missionary! I just got back from mission.

    1. Elder Bacarro, Where do you live? We would love to meet you.

  2. Replies
    1. Is Manila home for you? If not, where is home? Is your family members? What have you been doing since you returned home? How are you doing? Are you staying close to the church? Are you continuing your missionary service at home? Do you have any suggestions for us as parents of a returning missionary? What should we be doing to prepare ourselves? What should we be prepared for when he gets home? Was there anything that was hard for you when you returned home? Thanks. Have a great day!