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Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas Family

hey everyone i was very worried i wasnt going to get christmas packages all week until yesterday i got a package from shantel along with 6 packages today. 4 of them 12 packs of dew thanks everyone i will open them on christmas. mom it was great talking to you and to have magen listen in dad sorry i couldnt talk to you i will call you first at the airport unless you want different. i miss you guys so much. homesick, trying to learn a language, be a missionary. im trying my best to be happy. i had to jump on and tell you all thank you and merry christmas i hope aunt jane gave you all my memory chip and one of my teachers videoed us today. mom i dont see us getting into north korea just from what news is brought in from kids entering the mtc and the minimal our teachers tell us but i do know i will be safe in seoul. few things shantel thanks for the package and thank your kids for writing me. just so everyone knows i only get your mail/dear elders after dinner aka 5:30 everyday. letters help jeff peterson thanks for the letters from everyone and i have time to write on tuesdays. magen i love you im sorry you arent feeling well but wow i love you so much if there is one person i pray for the most its you. dont be stupid ok? you have more going for you than you know and you can do it. dad i love you i miss you thanks for all the wonderful Christmas cant wait to hit throw and run with you, with the way the work out schedule here is i get an hour everyday to work out on a hurt foot aka im pushin 200. mom wow thank you so much for being my mom and never giving up on me no matter how much trouble i was. im the youngest person here. the closest person to my home in my district. not only do i baby sit but i miss my family my best friend and i cant learn the language.
haha i started to cry and just got a bloody nose mom can you send me vitamin k i get 3-4 everyday..
im trying guys im trying so hard.
i love you

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