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Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

mom dad thanks for the pj's who's idea was that? it made everyone laugh so hard!! i videoed it and so far i have opened gifts from shantel. THANKS shantel for the gifts!! i love you guys!! i didn't have time to read all the notes but i will read them tonight. the pillow tie is brilliant. damian addi kolby derrick shantel i love you!!!! elder bednar came and talked to us today and it was amazing the guy talked for an hour and i still didn't want him to stop!!! i miss you guys!! mom, dad i haven't opened any other gifts but i plan to do so as soon as possible. this time last year we thought we were on our way to paradise but it ended up being a blizzard ya?? than we went golfing!! remember to serve others!! go study when satan tempted Jesus to eat and bow too satan. Jesus had been fasting for 40 days turned down temptation and then what did he do?? go study the verse where it says he was administered by angels. JESUS WASN'T ADMINISTERED BY ANGELS!! AFTER EVERYTHING HE SENT THEM TO ADMINISTER TO JOHN WHO WAS IN PRISON!! SERVE OTHERS GUYS!! its been a lonely time here I'm not gonna lie but I'm trying my best. crazy to think i am 19 in 4 days. where did time go?? before you know it ill be crying in president nilson office being released because i will wish i still in korea mom dad i love you. magen im glad to hear your doing better i love you so much!! get hold of 'yoonwoo' she made me some little laminated scripture cards and i use them in my lessons all the time!! thanks!! shantel and pack family i love you and addi addi addi holy cow!!! if anyone that needs to stay golden its you cuz you are so beautiful!! denten and family i love you guys i still cant count in korean really yet!! mikel wendy family get ready to send sawyer out!!! he will be awesome!! get ready now!! brandon kevin ashley and fam i love you all keep making good choices. donnie amy and fam thank you so much for all your support and not killing me when you had the chance!! i miss all our good times excluding black friday i love you guys!!!
i love you all so much one down one to go.
God bless everyone.

i love you guys thanks for the amazing christmass. ps i think we need to go to n ew zealand when we get back and go see the puiris haha my teacher is from there and it sounds amazing. xoxoxoxoxo i love you mom and dad and magen. better start learning korean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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