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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

alright snacky how you doin? i love you!!! i hope you doin ok.
first thanks to everyone for my birthday presents!!! i had one of the most memorable christmases of my life!!! i owe so much to my family back home grandma and gpa pierce,  donnie amy dallas tryst morg aij, shantel and kids, rach, and my parents!! i love you all so much thanks for everything! you all are awesome thanks for the support. how is everyone doing? mom i included a couple things in my email to you of what i need i think other than that im good.  i will have you know at one point in time we had 6 12 pack of mountain dew. aka 72 cans-the mtc truly is a heaven on earth. hahahahhahaah
what a week!!!!!!!  things are still going rough, however i have been going back to maintaining a positive attitude everyday waking up and saying my companion may smell,  i will probably not remember any korean, i will get my feelings hurt and probably hurt someone else's feeling, and today may go really slow,  BUT IT IS A DAY THAT THE SUN IS UP AND I GET TO KEEP ON KEEPIN ON!!! HOW BLESSED WE ALL ARE!! it seems new challenges await everyday and that just when i am trying to work on on christlike attribute i forgot to practice the millions of others.  how has everyones personal study coming along? im in 3rd nephi and wow!! how true is the book of mormon? how can someone deny or not feel the truth when reading him administer to the children in america??  it is a truly amazing book!! i am reading my book of mornon, reading preach my gospel, and every night i read jesus the christ. boy is that book tough  it has some huge words i didnt even know existed, the definitely didnt teach me any of this at lone peak.  i read that at night 1 because it has some interesting stuff 2 because it gets me to sleep. hahaha i need all the help i can get trying to get to sleep with a belly full of goodies and dew!!!  the spirit is way strong here and i love it.  as much as it stinks being here and not in korea for another 6 weeks it still is so awesome. i dont have to do dishes!!! but i do have a double duty of laundry(elder h) but im so blessed and lucky. 
speaking of korea. any news?  from what we have heard  there is supposedly a group in north korea trying to get some sort of revolt in order to reunify with south korea.  i dont know much about politics etc but my feeling is china wouldnt like that because they wouldnt have that nice 'bumper' that north korea is for them.  the odds that i get to go into north korea are very slim but i will tell you this.  if they did reunite im pretty sure us missionaries in the seoul mission would be able to break down the door a little.  2  i get those pre state/pre region big game butterflies whenever they talk about it.  im so ready!!!!!!!!!!  we must remember though that heavenly father prepares all his people and if not now they soon will be ready and prepared. at the beginning of each dispensation the lord provides miracles etc to prepare people for the gospel. we still have miracles today- however now that the the gospel is now revealed and has been for awhile who is in charge of making these miracles happen???  you guessed it. you are. you are and should be a miracle in someones life every day.  get doin work.
tell every single person going on a mission take care of their stuff now and get ready to come to work.  as frustrating it is to be here for so long you really get to see who has it and who doesnt.  not only that but you see who gets the opportunity to go home early and repent. as frustrating as it is to see people go home  it is a blessing to see that the Lord will forgive those that mess up and let them come and serve him! i promise you no one wants to miss out on this amazing work.
lately i have been allowing elder h to plan out the lessons.  he wasnt very good at it  but i drew up a pretty detailed step by step way to make one that he uses.  i will make one and send it home for you guys to give to brother tamang and ask him what he thiniks with some of the rms along with making improvements and sharing it with the mission prep class.
mom dad. we did sealings today and i must say how pumped and thankful i am to be with you all and snacky forever.  THANK YOU!!!
i had my first anxiety attack saturday night.  new years eve i cant get korean im a little homesick im frustrated with myself and my companion, along with we switch up a little bit and i now have to work with someone in my district i just cant bare to even look at and ya i freaked out. i spent the next 2 hours praying to calm down and forgive others and especially myself.
the next day  (sunday)  this question was asked. and i pose the same one to all of you.  where is your faith? is it misplaced, self centered, or in/of Christ? clearly as you can tell mine was very self centered.  so much to work on so much to improve at so much to learn and so much to share.  it is very humbling. luckily do to the AMAZING ATONEMENT i get to continue trying over and over again.  pma!!!!!! 
my foot. im stilll in the boot hopefully getting orthodics this week.  however i continue playing basketball which doesnt help.  not to mention let all of the eldredge anger out in my sports so i go to hard all the time.  often times i get into what some people call '#beastmode" (gotta get my twitter reference in) and simply dont bother to stop and think.  i twisted it yesterday and also got it stepped on pretty good.  hopefully i will start wising up.  i have had it in the boot sense just a slight bruising. where did my stupidity come from? mom? dad? i know it wasnt grandma hunter.  it had to be from the eldredge side. although grandpa hunter was pretty head strong.  let me know what you all think we will be conducting a poll ahhahahahahhahahaha.
time to leave now but i must say how grateful i am for all of you.  thank you for everything. i am truly lucky to know who i know and the influences you have all had on me.  i have so much to be grateful for.  my last thought is this.  is you are truly thankful for all that has been given to you from God, family and friends, how do we show our gratitude to them?  in word? anyo(korean for no)  in deed!! nay-(korean for yes)  keep trying to be kind not just because your supposed to or that you want to be. but because you are truly thankful.  i love you all so much continue to pray for the ppl in korea north and south all the missionaries in the field and dont forget our beloved prophet.  my call came from him. i love you all so much! wow!! oh happy new year aghhahahahahahhahahahhahahhahah wow i love you all thanks for this opportunity!! dad better hop back into that genealogy work we got work to do.

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