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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Keep It Simple.

ok this is for mom, shantel, myself, and anyone else.
i am so so so saddened to hear about the student at lone peak who committed suicide. i am so sad to hear shantel about your friend who sounds like is struggling and also very saddened for the pack family.  i woke up what 3 hours ago thinking wow how does this stuff happen how can people for sad for misdeeds? sad that they dont feel loved? that they dont feel important? that they must do things like jeopardize others safety because of drinking?  think why do i have to go through THIS test?  my heart goes out to all those involved in the pack tragedy along with the family of magens friend. along with this. my heart goes out to every person who knew this student and may feel like they could have made a change in his life or should have been nicer. 
when i woke up the first thing that came to my mind was how is satan winning? how can he be having such great success? this is truly a battle over agency and glory.  we must keep the gospel simple and simply be that 'miracle' like i shared yesterday in someones life.  how can we feel loved? like shantel said for some it comes easy knowing heavenly father loves us for some its hard.  but how can we feel love? how can we feel forgiven? how can we have faith to make it through all the challenges. no, i dont know or understand much but these are my feelings on all of these.
first lets establish the words -understand and -eternity.  think about it.  understand. do we understand and know everything? but do we understand enough? yes. remember keep it simple.  next. eternity.  do we all know how long eternity is?  do we know what this life is for?  its not just a test!!!!  its also preparing us for the next life!! think about it.  we go through tests all day everyday  and do we fail? yes.  what is significant to each day and the atonement?  the sun comes up!! Jesus is alive, he is risen!! each new day we get to become better! the sun will come up!! think about it in a metaphor of school. personally i feel most teachers dont understand the word atonement aka in school terms retake a test.  we go through school for years but how do they train you?  they teach you for the up coming test and then after that test you are done you dont have to remember it until the review at the end of the year than you can forget it.  heavenly father doesnt work that way.  his plan is to give us tests some tests we will take for months straight only to wake up the next morning and retry or retake the test. understand? understand eternity?  once we pass that test he moves on to a more difficult test! but does he through in pop quizzes to see if we have remembered what we learned before? of course!!!! thus our agency!! please everyone understand the atonement! understand agency! understand eternity! there is one thing satan is after our agency.  how does he do this?  the paradox of man!! in the scriptures it says we are but the dusts of the earth but it also says that every soul is great in the eyes of god.  satan gets our agency by 1 making ourselves feel prideful or 2-making us feel like dust.
how can we understand all these things? how can we feel we are worth something? understand eternity? our worth in his eyes?  remember keep it simple....
think now faith in what? faith in the plan of salvation!! faith in his atonement! faith that every test and challenge isnt there to make us sad its to make eternity worth what it is!! celestial kingdom isnt something just going to be handed to us!! we must earn it!! but we dont have to do much!! articles of faith read them!! faith! repentance! baptism! holy ghost! endure to the end! is it harder than it sounds? of course it is but remember keep it simple.  my recommendation is for everyone to simply pray and seek for the gift of faith.  faith that his atonement is real and is for us.  please read the Christlike attributes in pmg!  strive to gain one of those each and every day.  keep everything simple!! all we need is faith!!  just have faith Jesus lives! he died for you mom!!!!!!! for me!! so that my mistakes in high school could be forgiven and i could be here!! so that when i am before the judgement seat i will see how awful of a person i am and was but guess what? Jesus is there holding my hand at the judgement day holding my hand saying heavenly father i died for macay so that he could be forgiven and live with us.  did he make mistakes? yes. but look at these to charts.  one is a chart of intentions. another is his acts.  did he have drop offs sometimes and sin and plateau a little? yes! but look at how his graph when he repents and strives to have better thoughts and acts is on a continual rise!! i think its a scripture in doctrine and covenants that says heavenly father forgets our sins! he does!! its not about your sins its about your progression or digression.
if their is anything i meant to share today it was faith. just have faith everyone!! there is a meaning and method to the madness we live in today but is it here to prepare for lives to come and test us! if he didntmacay hunter is now elder hunter and serving a mission.  we can do this and he knows we can.
i hope everyone can understand how important the plan of salvation is and the simple principles of the gospel. keep it simple.  how far kolob is from where we are is not a simple principle.  please keep it simple. for everyone striving to find happiness somewhere else or wait for a miracle or trying to find joy. the question may be where is there joy to be found?  and THANKFULLY someone is asking the same question somewhere else! my answer.
be someones miracle.
love you guys

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