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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another Week Down

hey hey how is everyone doing? first ha ha we are trying to have classy desserts for our midnight snacks.  mom dad the challenge is to get creme brulee' in.  if you send it in a cooler or something idk but are you up for the challenge? we had smoked sausage cheese and crackers last week.  mom dad i will email the measurements for my scriptures but it will be the measurements of the scriptures you will have to guess how big to make the box. 
my foot is getting better havent played basketball for a week but it still hurts.  this week has brought new challenges but luckily elder h, elder coats, elder hill, and i are getting along well so thats good.  korean is still coming slowly but i find that as i trust and trust more and just try my best i find it easier to understand.  our investigator who tried to drop us but we stopped him from doing so the very next lesson he said he wanted to be baptized.  so cool.
i am truly loving being here on a mission.  i love being a missionary.  i love striving more and more everyday to have the Spirits guidance and direction in my life.  IS this work easy? not at all.  has it gotten easier? not one bit.  but the joy that comes from kneeling at the end of the day knowing that my Heavenly Father was proud of my efforts is so worth it.  korean is so difficult.  but through prayer and hard work i am slowly starting to recieve the gift to understand and speak it.
how is my family doing?  one thing to note.  we got 26 new people in our zone speaking korean it is so exciting.  
this work is hard.  but it is rewarding.  the macay hunter you all know is not and was not capable to do any of this.  but the elder hunter, when he turns his whole spirit and heart to the lord can do this.  i am so thankful for the opportunity to be here. im thankful that all of you believe in me.  im thankful that my Heavenly Father believes in me.  that is the most important part of this life.  the fact that he believes in us.  the fact that he trusts us.  the fact that everyone has been taught the truth before this life.
may i remind everyone to continue to study.  continue to find ways to grow and have the light of Christ in your eyes. 
last.  i am so thankful for the opportunity to be sealed to my family forever. what a great blessing it is.  please share this message humbly. all trials in life, and questions, can be comforted and solved just by living the gospel of Jesus Christ.  desire. ask.  act. 
 i love you all.  i love being a missionary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
also. please pray for all of us saint fans around the world who lost everything thanks to the name alex smith.
i love you all i love this work i am thankful for this opportunity.  thank you all!!

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