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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

6 week review

what a week. first thanks to kim, bruce, marcye for my wonderful christmas and birthday presents!! thank you greg and sally for the pens. everyone is loving them!! greg-may the bratty kid you once sent an email to make a book recommendation? you guessed it - The Book of Mormon. hahah just kidding thats the second book recommendation. the first one is: our search for happiness. my dad is great at giving gifts and im sure he would love to give it to you.
mom thank you so much for the two boxes i love them thank you for your hard work. snack, my letter to you is coming in the mail today along with anyone else who has written me. just a word real quick if you want a response from me it may be easier if you write a letter but, please include your address so i can respond. dear elder is very convenient but so hard to understand.

next sam heninger i better get a letter or dear elder from you soon or im gonna beat you with a pillow case filled with bars of soap. for anyone wondering his number is 8014716777 call him tell him i love him and to sing some bone thugz in harmony while he writes me.

i go in to the doctor today so lets see what happens.

i just have 2 experiences to share but first. i want to just say thank you. to anyone reading this THANK YOU. i am so grateful for all you have done for me and am thankful for this opportunity.

saturday we usually do what is called; weekly planning, where we plan for the week. obviously. in this planning session we include what is called companionship inventory where we share pretty much how we feel about our companion and what their strenghts are and something we think they should work on. i encourage everyone to try this in their own homes. it is in preach my gospel. i will include that last week was a very hard week for some reason and saturday i was a little down. first we start out with the strengths. (for this activity sister kent the only sister in our district joined elder herman and i, sister kent and i are good friends ps)  i am so thankful for the wonderful spirit that all sister missionaries bring into this work especially sister kent who i regard as one of my dear friends. let us all push on.

next. last night we were doing an activity of listening to the spirit while we teach. luckily we did this lesson in english. which is very rare. one of our teachers was watching, which didnt exactly help my nerves. elder herman was my 'investigator' who when i asked him to be baptized he said no. as i was able to finally find out why he said 'i dont want to be disowned by my family or anyone to think badly about me' from what i have heard this is one of the hardest things to solve. we all know how important family is. i didnt know how i was going to solve his problem.  but how was i going to convey the message that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will help him and love him?? how? we sat there for a second until a thought came into my head. a picture. i have a picture in my scriptures i received before i entered the mtc of Jesus holding a little girl. i found the picture with a brief description of, this is Jesus holding a little girl and i want you to listen to the feelings you will have as you see it. i handed him the picture. my teacher was shocked to see this method. as was i!!! no one has ever taught me to use a picture! of everything they teach us here a picture has never been shared. i am so thankful to be able to have the constant companionship of the holy ghost to teach me and help me. literally 2 minutes later of dead silence he lifted up his head. i asked him how he felt. i did not solve his problems nor erase them. haha i literally didnt do anything. the spirit taught him more, in him seeing a picture and listening than i could have taught him with my words. wow. i am so thankful. i have so much gratitude towards this work. as hard as it is and as much as i may miss my family i love doing this. 

in closing-sorry its so short. i just want to say thank you. mom dad family thank you for not killing me i know i was not the easiest kid to raise or anything like that. but i thank you all for forgiving me and allowing me to try again. thank you all so much for this opportunity. snack, thank you for being an example to me in journal writing and reading your scriptures. i was never one to really follow suit in your example but your example, to your loyalty they were amazing to me. dad hahah packing parachutes your awesome send me that story. i sure am trying! this work is difficult stuff but i feel that as i humble myself i become able to do this. thank you all, for the wonderful lessons you have taught me. greg read that book i wanna hear how it went. darren same for you!! better yet everyone in my family bruce kim shantel denten mikel brandon marcye grandma pierce grandpa pierce amy yoonwoo dallas morganne derrick grandpa eldredge grandma eldredge dane holy cow get eliza and molly the dogs to read it!! then read moroni 10:3-5. i want everyone to understand that as hard as this work may be for little macay hunter, that through the strength each day i get from the gospel and the atonement that ELDER hunter has a chance.

thank you all so much for everything. i love you!!!!!!!!!! be someones miracle today!!!!

and remember to always stay classy

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