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Friday, February 17, 2012

He Is In Korea

Hello wonderful parents of our new incoming Korea Seoul Missionaries, I
just wanted to send out an email to let you know that all of your
children arrived here in our mission boundaries earlier this evening.
They arrived from the MTC at the incheon international airport, where
they were greeted by our Mission President and his wife, as well as our
assistants to the president and our office elders. They all seemed to be
very happy and healthy and ready to fulfill their callings as
missionaries here in the field. After a quick dinner at McDonalds the
missionaries left with the assistants to travel back to our mission
presidents home via metro. It was then that they began their first
experience with proselyting in Korea. Our mission president and office
elders drove their luggage and personal items back to the mission home
to await their return and prepare them for the night. They are all
currently sleeping at our mission presidents home, and have maybe been
asleep for about 3 hours now. In the morning time they will arise and
eat breakfast at the mission presidents home with him and his wife, and
then begin interviews. I will have the pleasure of escorting the foreign
missionaries, to the immigration office tomorrow morning to register
them as alien immigrants and to get their foreigner id cards. The will
then begin their training meeting at 9am and during that meeting
presented by our mission president they will not only receive training
that will help them throughout their missionary work but also will
prepare them for their future lives. They will also meet their trainers
and then after the conclusion of that meeting they will go directly with
their trainers to their new areas and begin work. We take a lot of pride
here in the Korea Seoul mission, on our level of obedience and diligence
and we are working hard to create the best mission possible. Our mission
president is so wonderful and serves our missionaries with all his might
and all his heart. We look forward to getting to know your missionaries
soon and we are grateful for their dedicated service to our mission.
Thank you for raising such wonderful children. 

Korea Seoul Mission

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