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Monday, February 20, 2012

Week One In Korea

Wow what a week!  The flight was crazy Coats and I got everyone around the airport. I'm so sorry I didn't have time to call you all I did my best.  I am adjusting to the food here in Korea and my Korean is not very good but I hope that as i keep trying to listen well and work hard that it will get better.  I love my mission president so much already he is a very nice guy.  When we landed we went out and did a proselyting activity I teamed up with one of the Koreans and we gave out two copies of the Book of Mormon. We were the only two to do that it was so great. I was surprised to see how timid a Korean was in sharing the gospel but I enjoyed him being outgoing with me and sharing the message. we also received one number from our contacting. The next day went well I met my companion Arveseth from Utah and he is so great he has been out a little over a year now. His Korean is very good and I'm glad to have him as my companion.  Before I got here him and his old companion had been teaching a family of 5. The father is a member but his wife and 3 kids are not. We taught them kind of a review lesson and they are going to be getting baptized March 4. So exciting!  I'm surprised at how much English we speak it really is about 50/50so many people want to speak English to us and I want to speak Korean to them. I already love the people so much.  The food is alright. Spicy but i can handle it.  I have been getting my 10;30-6;30 sleep however I wake up a lot to the subway under us and people walking outside our apartment. I love teaching the gospel here in Korea and as scary as it is walking around the subway I love trying to share the message even if I do get shut down. The area I am in is so nice.  We are in the northern part of Seoul in the Seocho ward.  I am very blessed because the ward is fully functional and they love helping out the missionaries.  We have credit at some nice restaurants here so we eat very well. 

I feel so bad when members give us food or take us to eat or when investigators and their families give us food or money for a taxi I hate doing that. I love every person in Korea but because I love each investigator that I meet I worry about them and what I can do to help them. 

On Sunday I had to go introduce myself in Sacrament Meeting and share my testimony I didn't mess up which was good but it was so scary at the same time.  As far as I know everyone seems to like me.  We taught another family on Sunday night who 2/4 are members and the father has no interest, but we are teaching the daughter.  I'm so sad to see how Korean culture puts down others so much.  On the wall the girl had written 'tears' in a dark pencil and it hurt me inside so much. I couldn't stop telling her how much her Heavenly Father loves her however she didn't seem to really want to listen. We will be going back there each Sunday.  My area that I am serving has a lot of investigators so it is very good.

Today is pday and a kid in the ward wanted to go and play baseball so Arveseth being the nice guy he is, is gonna have us go play with him. I love the work I love the korean people I love you. Please pray for me.

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