I'm a Mormon

Monday, July 15, 2013


How has your week been? 
this week was good
Were you able to get your 4 commitments you wanted? 

nope. we are only at 2 dates.
If so, when are they? 

next week and then the week after that. 
Is it a family or separate individuals? 

separate individuals. we don't teach very many families.
How has the weather been? 

cloudy and rainy but its better than hot and sunny.
Anything funny happen? 

a kid told me he wants to get a green card because he loves Brittney spears and Keisha.
What goals did you have this week? 

to work hard.
Will you be receiving your mail more regularly now? 

How are your new converts? 

doing great!
What did you eat this week? 

lots of Korean food.

How are your suits holding up? 
good. they wont make it home though so i will have to buy another.
How many contacts did you have this week? 

How many appointments did you have this week? 

Did your ward do anything fun this week? 

we play volleyball every Saturday.
What was your miracle this week? 

ummm we gave out a lot of boms. 

our newest member

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