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Sunday, October 27, 2013


Well, Tuesday morning we wake up; I do the morning jog while my comp plays basketball then get ready for the day.  We then do our personal study.  I just could not figure out what to teach our investigator that afternoon.  My companion had no idea either.  

It was hard but we decided that we would use a page in Preach My Gospel that describes some of the different feelings that the spirit will give us.  So, we wrote them down and then when we started our lesson we asked him to check the list and tell us which ones he feels he has felt. 

He checked about 5 of them and said that he felt peaceful at church on Sunday. It was incredible! I was shocked and just sat there, and then we said, he had “felt it!” The spirit was so strong! Then after waiting a second we told him we know we have asked him before but this time we wanted him to know, we were Disciples of Jesus Christ and we would like to invite him to get baptized!! He said, yes!!!  

He got baptized on Sunday! My second to last Sunday in this ward!  Since my companion has never had a baptism, nor knows what it is like to baptize, we had him baptize him! 

I have such a huge testimony of fasting!  I have fasted for the past 3 Sundays for him and look!

I love missionary work. 

Be Someone’s Miracle,

Elder Hunter

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  1. What an amazing MAN!! I'm so happy for him to have been able to serve The Lord in such and honorable and humble manner. It's been a blessing to get to read his blog and keep up with how he's been doing. What an amazing picture and what an amazing way to end his time in Korea. Can't wait to see you Elder!!!! Did I mention... it's AMAZING!!!!