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Monday, March 12, 2012

Week 4

dad and mom thanks for the pictures and news paper stuff i loved them, mom i am doing ok.  this is so hard and everyday i wake up knowing i cant go on but i jut keep trying.  if grandpa can keep a good attitude so can i right? im trying. we have a lot of investigators but not many are really wanting baptism so we have to drop them. baseball was fun but i couldn't do it for long I started envisioning playing with dad and i just missed it so much. our ward is bomb we have a tab at 2 nice restaurants and they are so helpful.  elder arveseth is the dark haired one in that video u found mom. yes, anyone can email me but i can only reply  my family. i would say maybe 70-100 in our ward. church building is about as long as our driveway but it has 3 floors. my area is like right outside seoul so it very big town with lots and lots of rich and poor people, this are is like new york if you have an apartment here you know they are rich. area is just a bunch of buildings and a few hills that people 'hike' weather right now is still cold but it is getting warm a little bit of rain but no snow.  best food is probably just like sam-gip-sar its like just pork or i had korean bbq yesterday. weirdest food i would say is just like straight wet sea weed or some funky noodles.  breakfast and lunch is usually a banana and toast or grilled cheese or some korean noodles with rice cake and rice.  just a lot of starch and veggies.  elder arveseth is a good cook so we eat well in the afternoons.  dinner appointments maybe 1-2 a week it just depends on the person.  food is huge in the culture so we usually go to someones house and they give us snacks every time we meet. my clothes are working out great. shoes are great feet are hanging in there! my whole body is getting very skinny especially my legs but its good i guess. i am in good health.  cold meds i think i am just about over my cold but maybe next winter send me some more ya? i will take pics of my apartment and send them home in my package. you don't talk to your neighbours here. our mission office is about 1 hour away by subway and bus. there are 8 of us in our district and i love my district leader, he is great! he is from slc 2 others are from utah 1 is from korea and the other sister is from orem.  one elder from arizona.  district leader is elder deean.  zone leader is elder reyes who is way cool but i cant remember the other ones name. we have district meeting every wednesday. zone conference every month. pdays so far have just been resting or shopping for elder arveseth. our service is a 2 hour english class every saturday. we have 7 investigators but like i said we will have to drop some.

i talk about 'being someones miracle' ya?  food for thought.  how can you be a lifesaver if you are dressed up like everyone else on the beach? be prepared be ready and be in tune with the spirit aka study and pray. know that i am doing my best to work hard to learn to grow and to help others.  think about how happy we will be in 2 years when WE can say that WE did it.  pray for me and i will pray for you too.  i love you guys!

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