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Monday, March 19, 2012

Week 5 I think?

what up fam!! first a few things, mom dad magen thanks for the package it was much needed!  i got letters from yunwoo and my family so it was great to hear from you. a much needed boosters.  finally my little buddy sam heninger sent me a letter, its about time.  first, dad congrats on the first big win!! 1 down 1000000 to go! mom dad sign me up for as many vacations as you want in 2 years as long as im with all of you, im cool! happy bday to any one who celebrated yesterday wish i could have been there. gpa how you doin?  i hope good.  i go to bed everynight exhausted but i can never forget about praying for my grandpa.  im so thankful for the plan of salvation holy cow!!
this week has been good.  its hard because we have so many investigators that are not progressing. they have so many good questions  that would be solved if they only asked for themselves and had FAITH!! we are teaching a 39 year old guy oh-yoon-gyoo who works for samsung, but he is always working and doesn't understand how only one guy (jesus) can take care of everyones sins and also if he can why didn't he show himself to the korean people and others around the world.  

another investigator kim-me-hee only trusts random pastors and us. but she trusts them more because 'when she asks 1 question they already can answer her other 10'  they went to school to learn the bible!!!  our members and us as missionaries learn by ourself and we can show you how to learn by yourself also! she has read the whole bible and book of mormon but korean is so hard to read in korean that she just read it without thinking or anything kinda like you would read a korean book just look at it and not study! 

we are teaching 2 people that are married 1 is a major violinist here in korea and her husband works for a business. he is buddhist and she is catholic. she wants him to become christian so we are teaching them both.  they are so great, one of my favorites. a member took us out to a way nice steak dinner last week so we didn't get to really give a lesson to them. i made the dad a sign that says 'do not disturb i am thinking about my daughter'  their daughter is studying violin in germany and he misses her so so so much. so ya, i have been trying to do little crafts and things for our investigators and members. koreans like that stuff i guess and i need to gain a lot of trust from everyone especially because i don't speak korean.  

we have an old grandma ee-young-sook who is 70 years old. the cutest thing ever i promise. she has these little korean eyes that just shine. i love it but she is wiling to do everything and anything we ask her too.  except baptism.  she didn't even have a problem with the word of wisdom. we asked her to stop drinking coffee and she said ok i will try! like ah! but she wont be baptized. elder arveseth thinks she will be the type at wont be baptized here but in the next life which is upsetting but also a bit relieving, i guess. 

as a new missionary i still don't understand it. we went to our part member family like we do every sunday night. (the ones who have tears written on the wall) saturday was their moms birthday, but we didn't know.  we went over on sunday and started talking to them and i asked if they made or got a card for their mom. flat out they said we cant afford it.  cant afford a card!  broke my heart. i was shocked. here this family is giving us all their food, yes it may be leftovers but still giving you all this food, strawberries, cake, rice, etc and they cant afford a birthday card for their mom.  

everyone listen! i know i am no one to talk about gratitude and all that because i am not good at that at all but please look at how blessed you are! if you can afford a birthday card consider yourself lucky!
transfers are coming up but elder arveseth trains me for 12 weeks so we have at least 1 more transfer together.  
we are working hard and are picking up new investigators up a lot! unfortunately not everyone is like they make it seem on the church videos. like they have all this desire to be baptized, but its ok this work is hard.  the holy ghost can and has changed people  and it will continue to do so. 
i love everyone.  elder arveseth asked me how much i look up to my dad and it finally hit me what a great great great example my dad has been to me.  i don't know why but i promise that through prayer we can overcome all!! moroni 733 this work is Jesus Christ's work and we can do all things in Him!!!  ether 12;27 i am being shown weaknesses everyday but its ok!! we can do it! i love you!! don't stop progressing! study and pray everyday! be someones miracle!

Elder Hunter

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