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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week 6 in Korea

so much is going on and it sounds like so much has happened back home so i will try and talk as much as i can although i don't have much time.  Grandpa pyrah..i don't know what to say he was truly always my friend in my time and need.  i waited for every time i could see him out walking or walking to church and him just saying 'how are you doing macay'  he loved me so much and i loved him. i hope his family is doing ok.  i hope reva is doing ok he LOVES her so much.  the only scripture that i feel i can provide for that family right now is the only scripture that got me out of the dumps when grandma died.  doctrine and covenants 128:22 courage!  reva and pyrah family i promise he loves you so much! 

next. damian how are you doing buddy? a lot is going on? all my cousins! haven't heard much from you guys but i hope it is going well! how is grandpa doing? glad to hear chemo is done for now..but i sure hope he is maintaining that good positive attitude whenever i get sad here in korea i think what crazy joke or remark would grandpa say right now to make me feel better? keep fighting grandpa!! i thought about grandma pierce a lot this week and how she used to always sing to me! i haven't had much time to write any of my family but know i love you guys! grandma thanks for singing to me when i was little! big derrick has been working hard and look at where he is! CONGRATS!! such a great example to me of hard work! so pumped for you!
fam i heard things are going well dad keep working hard ya and be the best coach you can you can learn a lot from the coaches hahaha sorry but ya keep working!!! heard parker split his head open..i knew that family was hard headed... magen heard you gave a bomb testimony the other day keep working hard i don't have time to write you an email today but keep fighting. mom dad how are you guys doing? the personal study and everything?
i just have a couple stories real fast. first we were out street contacting and talking to a kid when a guy walks up and starts yelling at us in korean (remember i don't know what anyone says) but i knew it wasn't good.  this was my first real experience with opposition and i sure was so so so mad. but somehow i stayed calm and when the guy left i shared a simple testimony about the book of mormon it was so cool to see how the kid could see our message was important and we found it to be very special and that he could see a difference in us. after my simple testimony he gave us his number! so so so neat!
next. a less active man has recently been coming to church regularly which in and of itself is amazing.  but recently he has brought his two kids which are 12 and 13 aka remind me of magen and i.  they are so close. anyway they came last week and again this week and this week their father bought them both copies of the book of mormon they came walking into church so happy!!!! so proud!! and they don't even know what it is yet!  we begin teaching them on wednesday!! its so crazy to see how the lord prepares people and puts them in your path.  this gospel, if you live its simple principles, brings such happiness. 
everyone go read president uchtdorfs talk from last conference 'waiting on the road to damascus'  such a great talk. remember faith is a gift given to us by heavenly father through our hard work, desire, charity, and hope.  also i was reading in mormon 1:15 and mormon 2:1  how old was he? 15-16!  the leader of an army and trusted with the records!!  what can we learn??  the time to prepare to be a leader is now! and, we all can gain spiritual revelation!!  and how much the lord prepares us!  i can see how even 10 years ago the lord has prepared me for days here in korea! 
the work is hard here in korea.  i dont understand this language at all.  i just got my first haircut today, have you ever tried to tell someone how to cut your hair not using words?  try that sometime! made me so thankful for shantel and my mom ahhaha!  this life is difficult!  this mission is difficult!! ahhhh reva!!!! i love you!!! please everyone study everyday, pray out loud!!!!  i love you all!!! be someones miracle today!

Elder Hunter

elder arveseth is second to the right standing up in a suit. 
my 2 zone leaders are on the bottom kneeling down. 
elder westarp and elder madsen are my housemates. 
elder westarp has up peace signs and elder madsen has his arms around him

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