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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Week 7 here in Seoul

hello family!! how are things?  hope conference was fun. we wont be able to see conference until this coming weekend when we go to the english branch but i sure am excited. the work here in korea is still going.  the 2 kids have accepted a baptismal commitment for april 22 which is so so so so amazing.  im so excited.  we also have picked up an investigator from america we are meeting him tonight so it will be good to see my teaching skills in straight english. pray for me. as far as interesting things that have happened this week for me the one that stands out in my mind is ...
i called a kid cuz it said he spoke a lot of english. when i called he just started laughing and said i was about the 5-6th missionary that had called him.  he said he was rather irritated by it.  i kept apologizing just saying wow im so sorry.  but i decided to keep talking to him. i was able to talk to him about when he met the missionaries  2008 and asked him if he had any feelings while he met with them. he said he remembers when he was praying with the missionaries he felt a 'cleansing dfeeling'  me over him.  i told him in our church that's called the holy ghost but he said he acquainted that with that that he was going through a hard time in his life and he just felt the love by the missionaries. it was crazy to see how he still remembered that feeling. i was shocked.  other then that nothing really miraculous happened but i was able to get to know him. make him think that we are more than just robots.  he took our number down which probably means he is going to block our number now bu its ok.  someone planted a seed 4 years ago. i hope for the next missionary that meets him he will be able to see what we have!
other then that family it has been a rough week for me. seeing the 2 kids accept baptismal commitments and how much they love each other really reminds me of my own sister. i also saw a guy throwing a bullpen the other day and i really miss baseball too.  last week i did try octopus though!  it was in a really hot sauce but i liked it.  if anyone is looking for some good food that we have a lot here in korea call up yoonwoo and have her find a don-kas-suh or sam-geep-sar and take you there i think my family could eat it. 
as far as things back home i ear a lot about my cousins moving or my amazing grandpa or my friends that maybe are having a hard time being themselves or standing up for whats right.  my advice to you all. be happy!  know that every time you are obedient and stand for what you believe you will be blessed. and if you wont then someone will see your example. remember the story i think last conference president monson told about him saying he was Mormon in his military camp? stand tall. last thing with this and its something that i am having a hard time with being myself.  everyone loved the missionary that was in the ward before me. that's all they talk about.  how do i measure up to be like him?  i have been thinking about that so much. but honestly.  i just need to be myself. why would i change who i am to be a duplicate?> a missionary duplicate.  its hard.  i have had a rough week mentally.  i hope things are going well for everyone. i am doing better with korean and memorizing more words a day but i still am very b at korean. i had higher expectations for myself i thought i would learn it faster but i really do realize that i am not going to be able to do this myself.  friends family anyone who is going through a hard time. pray out loud, be yourself, and serve others. 
damian kolby addi i don't have time i think to write you guys today but keep trying.  this move will be the best thing for you.  don't worry about the bad see the good. and most importantly be thankful.  here in korea you go to school from 8 in the morning to 9 at night.  you live in an apartment both your parents work you ride the subway and the only free time you have is on sunday.  i love my family so much! we all have a work to do! be someone miracle everyday and make sure to be prepared! i love you!

Elder Hunter

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