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Monday, April 9, 2012


mom dad! everybody! what up! how is the pack family doing?  donnie and amy and morg?  bryce and brad?  kevin and ashley!  sawyer gabe joe kayla! how is the fox family doing?  how is my sister doing?  i hope all is well.  i hope ali pitts had fun at the hunger games release.

this week has had so many ups and downs.  good news - i have completely passed my kidney stones. other good news there is this thing called 'pass off' where you have to pass off a lot of vocabulary words and teach the first lesson completely by yourself and memorize scriptures, for the first 4 lessons that we teach. most people don't completely finish until maybe 7 months in the country. i wish i could tell you i am all done but i am not. i can teach the first lesson all the way but i cant remember all the vocab.  so last week i passed some things off which is good. i also have the first vision memorized which is even better. 

the bad news, one of our investigators dropped us.  pretty tough for me.  the investigator (i think) had feelings for my companion and when she realized we were only about teaching the gospel she didn't want to meet. she said she had read and prayed about the book of mormon but i didn't believe her. i did my best so ts time to move on. the english investigator we met last week was ok.  i was thinking i would get to teach a lot since my english is better than my companions. however i sat there like other lessons.  we taught him the 2nd lesson aka the plan of salvation later in the week and it didn't work out so well.  he is all about theology and wants proof of things.  we can testify all we want but he hasn't read the book of mormon like we asked him too so idk what to do.  one of our investigators that we haven't met with for a few weeks because he is so busy, got in a minor accident yesterday on his motorcycle so we are going to go visit him tonight.  the kids baptism is still scheduled and they have a friend also talking with us so if he comes to church and gets approval from his parents then he can and will be baptized!  

the other day we went and did street contacting which the way we did it i really enjoy doing-just setting up street boards and talking.  i talked to 24 people! i was so happy because 1 the people were nice. 2 i talked to a lot of people were ready to hear the message 3 i worked super super hard. please don't think i am boasting.  i learned that by setting goals is so important.  i first set my goal at 15 people. by the time i reached my goal i had already given out a bom and got 2 numbers. i then said ok... 5 more and got it! finally with 10 minutes left i set a goal for 4 and got that too!  with a number!! if we pray and set goals and work hard Heavenly Father will help! 
conference was amazing!!  enough said.  uchtdorfs talk of stop it was great! each one was great!  hollands words i think hit me hard too' Gods favorite thing about being God is being merciful'  i loved that!  also, they focused a lot on families! kinda stresses me out as a young missionary. my perspective has changed from being a son to a father and ya that's too far ahead, but it was still an amazing conference. yes i did see david archulleta.  also. was the mo tab amazing singing 'count thou fount of every blessing? ' so so good. i hope everyone is doing good. i love you all i cant wait to see you in two years!  just a little side note how did everyone know about gpa pyrahs promise to me?  i love you!

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