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Monday, April 30, 2012

Be Someones Miracle Today

hey  hey hey everybody hope things are going well.  things in korea are great as usual i still cat speak korean but that's ok.  the kids got baptized so that was way cool.  it was stressful though. we have a new ward mission leader and he couldn't show up so we were in charge of the baptism by ourselves it was stressful. the women's door was locked so i had to spider man through the font that was already filled p with water to unlock the door.  but they were baptized. the dad postponed last week because he wanted to make sure they were making the decision and realized what it was they were really doing.  i was asked to share my testimony so that day in sacrament i had read the song teach me to walk in the light. i shared that and shared how through baptism we start our walk in the light and how the bom and coming to church can help us stay in light.  it was neat also because a lot of the ppl were kinda being rowdy but as soon as the new missionary who cant speak korean stands up it goes dead silent.  i shared my testimony followed by a congrats on being baptized and sat down way cool. 
the girl we taught the first lesson too didn't come yesterday she has her big korean test this week but its ok we aren't worried about her.  our investigator paul who is so awesome told us on friday he is already thinking about changing churches which is amazing. i know he is prepared because we met him once on t street and didn't get his number but then we met again on the street and he ave us his number the lord loves him so much.  we met a man thursday while contacting who immediately gave us his card and said lets meet saturday.  saturday came around and he was so excited to meet. he is 74 years old and told us that he went to church when he was little but not anymore. he realizes its time to go church and knows our church is true because he prayed that day to meet a church and ours is it.  funny thing though when we gave him a bom to read he said no he already believes in it hahahah he said he wont read he already believes so he is so funny i love him so much.  our ward is so great that all the ppl we meet will be great in our ward.  transfers are coming up next week and i am stressed out a lot.  because of the anxiety i had when i got here i am afraid to go to a new area i love my area and my investigators. we have 4 people that could be baptized within the next month. i cant get transferred out. at this point pray more for me to stay in seocho then for me to learn korean. 
as far as personal study has been going its great.  as some ppl know i have had a fair amount of trials emotionally with the death of y fathers parents and being away from home while my gpa is sick. he will get through it.  i was reading in 2 nephi 2 i think where lehi is telling jacob in the first 3 verses that he has trials but because of them he has come to know god.  i don't know if i truly know god yet or if i ever will in this life. but because of my trials i have gained stronger testimony.  it is amazing to share spiritual experiences with investigators and see how much the lord does bless me.  i am so thankful for the love he freely gives me.
i was listing to elder hollands talk the other night and the part that stood out to me was when he told the men to step up. i am not the most respectful person in the world but i try. it made me think of sister daltons talk of my mother is really my fathers wife my sister is my mothers daughter.  i encourage everyone to try and find was to be that much more kind and respectful to others. 
english class was a normal english class on saturday but our gospel time came to close talking about being examples to our children.  i am thankful for the examples i have had in my life by parents. they definitely are some odd ducks but i love them sooo much. english class comes obviously to learn english but are usual english comers love gospel time and refuse to leave without a closing prayer.  they don't want to learn about the gospel in lesson but the love us sharing.  please continue to be someones miracle. 
mom dad magen family and friends thank you so much for the support that i have here and thank you for the examples you are to me. thank you for your prayers. thank you for this opportunity. continue to be someones miracle each day.  i love you. peace and blessings and...if you are now a byu cheerleader congrats so proud to see how hard work pays of thanks for your example.
love you. all.
Elder Hunter

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