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Monday, April 23, 2012

What Up?

we went too gyeongbokgung palace it was sweet.  i took lots of pictures so i will try and send anoher chip home at the end of this transfer.  as far as stories from this week go.  the baptism didnt happen yesterday the dad called on saturday and said we would have to change i to next week. we sll dont konw why but thats ok because it is going to happen next week for sure. 
our ward mission leader got released last week so we got a new missions leader who s just as great we are excited to work with him.  his wife is a less active and we got to meet her last week we are blessed to have him on board.
slava our russian investigator who i expressed about last week has made soooo much progress. so 2 weeks ago i expressed how much we really do love and care about him, in tears, {i get it from my father} we committed him to pray outloud.  pretty simple commitment but you would be surprised how much people dont like praying.  anyway we showed up last week and he played the piano for us, he plays the paino as a job, but he doesnt like playing on the spot.he played a beautiful song so that definately was a sign of truth being built.  then he wanted to get right into the lesson.  up to this point he had not prayed for us. he had prepared a prayer that he wrote down and was the most beautiful prayer i have ever heard.  afterwards elder arveseth and i just sat there shocked. that prayer has made the heartache of being away from home and not learning korean so worth it.  he is making so much progress.  so excited to see him again.
yesterday we had to go on splits with members because 2 lessons had to be taught at the same time. i taught lesson 1 with a returned missionary from the korea busan mission who was an amazing missionary!!  i completed the 1st pass off last week so i was excited to really see how i could teach since i could speak korean for that lesson.  i was so worried but when it came time to teach we did awesome! i said the whole first visions by memorization and she said she would read the bom.  we taught it so quickly that she still wanted to learn more. we read 2 nephi 31 and committed her to baptism. she is also attending seminary now with a friend!! It was so amazing!!  afterwards i asked what things i should work on to our member and he said he was so proud of me and glad that i had learned all the teaching principles i was so happy to hear my hard work has payed off. 
you know this week has been hard.  im exhausted.  korean doesnt feel like i am making any progress. but its amazing to see how much not looking side to side but looking up for help really does pay off.  my korean is awful but when people hear i have only been here for 3 months they are shocked. 
i cant express to you all how thankful i am for this opportunity.  thank you so much.  please keep trying everyone the situations we all face are tough but keep  trying. be someones miracle everyday.  just smile. see how far it really goes.  congrats to all the cheerleaders out there, love you!!!

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