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Monday, April 16, 2012


hey hey hey. wow wow wow what a week.  unfortunately idk if i will be able to write letters this week and i only wrote 1 last week so im sorry today we are going to a tourist attraction with our 'korean grandma' a 70 year old investigator so we will be busy.  but what an amazing amazing week. mom my feet are doing good i wear crocs in the house (korean custom to wear sandals inside)
miracle #1 our investigator oh-yoong- you  got in his motorcycle accident going to a bad church he attends. we hadnt seen him in a month cuz of his new job but he took us to dinner and he wants to meet again soon!
miracle #2  paul-a korean man we met on the street my first week here has started to meet with us he is so so so sweet and has accepted a sft baptismal commitment. he is reading the book of mormon and so far knows that it is a good book
miracle #3 a russian investigator we haven't met with for a few weeks has been really sick. we saw him out walking the other day and we set up a time to meet. but this time it was at his house which is a miracle because he hasn't let anyone at his house.  fortunately he has met with missionaries before and heard all the discussions. unfortunately the (pardon my language)  STUPID missionaries did not treat him right. elder arveseth got rid of the record we had on him because they weren't nice things so i have no idea hat was wrong. all i know is that he does not trust the missionaries.  so instead of me teaching the gospel i have to mend old wounds.  it is so hard.  but i love this investigator so much and i feel that when we can get the trust back he will be baptized. 
on saturday we met a referral of a guy also named paul.  on the phone he sounded like a very sincere man.  we met at a coffee shop and as soon as we sat down everything he told us about him turned out to be a lie.  he is a very high up person in a church here in korea.  soon 2 more of his slightly lower people showed up.  they believed a lot of the things we do dispensations etc but they only believe the bible and their prophet is from korea.  when they realized i didn't speak good korean they taught elder arveseth as i taught one of the jun-do-saws the first lesson and about the book of mormon.  they offered elder arveseth to be one of the 144000 that will be saved if he came and jun-doed for them.  it was tough.  after 1 hour we said we had to go but they were very rude.  i was so close mom and dad to throwing a fist. so so so hard not too. if i had a temper then being on a mission has helped my temper a lot. ok but anyway, we shared a testimony they took a book of mormon and said we would not have the chance for their 'offer' again.  but in good news for them theywill have the opportunity to give the offer again because guess what?  they took elder arveseths bible. we meet them again tomorrow to get it back.  the work here in korea is hard because koreans associate us, kind young happy missionaries with people like them. i love these men that took time to meet with us and am thankful for the experience but ever since then i have been seeing what koreans think i am like.
MIRACLE #4 GRANDPA THIS ONE IS FOR YOU!!!!! we were out trying to street contact on thursday. we picked a bad place to do it but we were gonna try it anyway.  the wind was so cold and i had been out there already for 1 1/2 hours with 1 more left to go. i wouldn't say i was sad etc but i was kind of tired of being cold, being rejected etc.  as i was looking for someone to talk to a little 5 foot korean lady walked past me. as she walked past me she said 'chang-no-neem' aka elder 'whiting'  which is like some korean word for'yay' or 'keep going' yunwoo can explain. followed by a little fist pump.  THAT IS THE MIRACLE I AM ASKING EACH ONE TO  BE!!!!! just smile at someone! 2 words, a smile and a fist pump made my day.  we can do it!
crazy to think how lucky we really are. the kids are still ready for baptism and we showed them the outside of the temple yesterday.  i am studying in 1 nephi and also studying elder bednar's segment in the liahona this month i encourage everyone to go and read it and read the scriptures it is way amazing to see how the lord gives people the strength to get through challenges he does not change them.  i really am liking that. keep studying everyone. be someone miracle today. WHITING!
Elder Hunter

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