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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day

well it was good talking to some of you!  i guess the only news for this week is that i stayed in seocho.  and i have a new companion.  his name is han dong he and he is from korea but moved to new zealand when he was young. way good at korean and way good at english.  seocho is great. my korean is still awful but i am learning a lot faster now.  we made it 6 months hey ya that's awesome right.  so cool. anyway.  that's the only news i got.  we have a lot of potential people that could receive the amazing blessing of baptism soon just depends on if it is their time or not.  we will see.  i am trying my best to stay focused.  talking to everyone was so great today  i love you all. keep the faith. stay strong. remember i love you and enjoy everyday.  be someone miracle.

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