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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rough Week

hey everyone it has been a rough week as far as here in korea goes.
one investigator dropped us. he was awesome.  he was so down to come
to church and learn but his first time to church they talked about
saving another ward and then yesterday they talked about the law of
sacrifice. such a bummer.  my companion doesn't want to go visit a guy
we have been visiting he has Alzheimer's so its just a service thing
but he refuses.  i guess it might be hard to understand but for me i
can understand it with grandpa and all you know?  but we do have a girl 
who has accepted to be baptized we just need to decide what day.  change 
is hard. switching to a new companion is tough but that's ok. my korean 
is still bad but I'm trying so that's all that matters.  in a few more 
days i would have been out for 6 months that's pretty crazy.  
whiting family!
Elder Hunter

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