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Monday, May 28, 2012

I love it! The people, food, culture, the work and the gospel.

This is my companion and I.   
Han Dong Hee is his name or, they call him Terry.

Hellooooo sorry I didn’t email yesterday it was Buddha’s birthday so it’s a national holiday thus the place was shut down.  How is everyone doing?  Korea is doing well but still hot.  SAWYER GRADUATED!!! YA BUDDY ATTA KID!!! LOOKIN SO GOOD!!!!!!!!

As far as investigators go, we have about 8 right now. They are all so amazing. We picked up one new investigator last week and he is so   bomb.  Just a single guy who is looking for some love.  The rest of our investigators are doing good but I don’t know how many will get baptized its kinda like we are in the middle ground at a stand still with most of them.

Me, I’m doing good.  Because of some kinda stressful situations I have been put in lately, I have been working out at night jumping rope and doing sprints uphill. Yes Dad, I am practicing my lead offs don’t worry about that.  Hahahah gotcha. 

I am almost done with my 2nd Korean test and then I will have midway which I know everything for that also so I am almost halfway done. So that’s good.  I’m sleeping good and boy am I a good cook.  Brandon remember when we made Mongolian beef? Ya I made that for my house.  They loved it ha-ha.  Thank you mom and family for teaching me how to cook and clean, holy smokes you actually really did mean it when you said you were preparing me for a mission. 

Days are getting shorter weeks are getting shorter and I’m just getting more and more tired ha-ha missionary work at its fullest.  But I love it!  I don’t wanna sound like just another kid who went on a mission and say 'its hard work but its so fun' but ha-ha it is.  I love it.  The people, food, culture, the work, and the gospel.  Couldn’t ask for anything better...

Oh ya Dad, ps I played baseball yesterday ha-ha videos coming soon ahhahha ya buddy.  Stay strong everybody this is the best time of our lives!!! Be someone’s miracle!! So so fun!! I love you guys!! 

Elder Hunter

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