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Monday, June 4, 2012

Thank you everyone for your constant prayers!

Macay and baby bear

Sportin' my new back pack.

This is hard work!

This is really what we do all day.
This is the "Happy Book Couch"
mom thanks for the package!! Pitts family thank you so much for all the dental hygiene i really needed it! I thank you so so so much!

hahaha what up!! so i think you guys might have received an email last week. you guys woulda thought to teach me to not put my hands in a fan but you failed on that one.  sliced 2 fingers open . they wanted to do stitches but thank goodness I'm allergic to stitches so they didn't do that. I'm all fine and dandy now.  it was fun though going to a Korean hospital at 11 and then going to McDonald's cuz i had to take food with my medicine.  um as far as news goes not much.

well actually.  our 17 yr old investigator dropped us.eem-say-yun no idea why but she did.  she had a baptismal date and was so so so great.  then our ward is making us drop ee-young-sook.  my Korean grandma. I'm not happy one bit.  not at all.  I'm rather mad and upset at the same time. you come to love the people here so much and now we have to say goodbye. i don't know what to do.  we had 9 investigators maybe 2 weeks ago and now we are down to 5.  personally. i hold myself responsible.  for not standing up and saying to my companion we need to work harder. i feel this misfortune is because of my lack of standing up and saying to cut it out.  i am so sick of hearing you have only been here for 4 months so you don't know.  I'm doing my best.  transfers are in 2 weeks so we will see what happens.

the other night i was so irritated. so upset. i got on the subway and just sat down. i was so angry for multiple reasons.  i saw a foreigner about 10 seats away. (ps, its so awkward when you see foreigners here.) but, he knew who i was. i sat there just so upset and absolutely refused to talk to him.  but, then i heard the amazing voice of brother tamang ringing in my ears saying 'it may be awkward and you may not want to talk to someone but that's your job just do it!' then i remembered in mission prep getting up dead tired to open class to shake someones hand.  well brother tamang and brother covey i am happy to report that i got up and talked to him.  my anger left me! i don't know if he will want to call us back but i do know i did my best. 'i am a disciple of Jesus Christ, i have been called by him to declare his word among his people that they might have everlasting life'.

i guess going through all this makes me super humble and think about how can i do better.  you know we read in 3 nephi 12:48  that we are suppose to be perfect.  and we are!! i think if anyone has had a hard time with this concept it is me. i want to be the best person i can be!  its been hard knowing I'm not perfect and i cant change the past. however in this scripture the biggest thing that stands out in it is not even there. it says we are to be perfect but is there a deadline? is there a time that says be perfect now?  its a continual progression.  mosiah 3;19  be as a child right?  it doesn't mean being childish it means being patient and humble and willing to learn.
i read elder packers talk from this last conference. so amazing.  its like my favorite teacher sister stucki says 'you are an uncommon man'  we can only become an uncommon man through the atonement of Jesus Christ.  in greek, saint means to be set apart! aka latter day saints. this has been one of the biggest things i have learned in my life and am still learning but i encourage everyone to find out what the atonement really means to them.  in jacob 'what more could i have done for my vineyard' everything has been done all we  have to do is truly believe. 
Thank you everyone for your constant prayers!  you are all so awesome! thank you for everything! be someones miracle! i love you!

Elder Hunter

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