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Sunday, June 24, 2012

be a best friend, overuse i love you and see where it can get ya!

what up? another week down.  transfers were last week. i stayed in seoch yay!!! and i have a freaking tight comp now from texas. elder gillis. he is a hard workin machine!!  always happy, super spiritual and is always willing to help out.  i love him already!!! he is a machine.  so crazy to actually to finally be out working again i love it!!!

we had a big ward activity last week that i was in charge of last week after elder han left. super stressful. but good news already! from working hard for maybe 5 days we have done so much work and been so blessed. 

we have received 8 #'s from contacting and got like 5 referrals. that's so amazing!!!!!!!!!  one of them is a korean but he lived in china so he understands mandarin better then korean. ps, i don't speak either of those.  luckily the ward has helped out a lot and helps us teach. he has no religious background. aka there is a God? he lives in the sky and for some reason he loves me and i can pray to him?  in pmg it has an activity that says 'practice like your in asia teaching someone who has no religion background'  ya definitely that's me.  us korean missionaries kinda make fun of that so sorry if i offended anyone.  
other then that, this week has been so good. personal study, i issue a challenge to one and all.  15 day challenge!!!  read enos every single day.  no matter how old you might think it gets read it everyday!!  see what you can learn. 

i also remembered a talk i found in the mtc. 'the inconvenient Messiah' by elder Holland its amazing.  one thing i have learned is that every sinner has a future and every saint has a past. that when i someone goes to talk to the bishop or ask someone for forgiveness THAT PERSON IS NOT A SINNER. that person was a sinner but knows that his sins can be forgiven. 
last week a missionary said something that i really liked. he said that most of us would say we would pay for this gospel and this church.  but, (talking to missionaries)  how many of us are sleeping in or not keeping the rules?  i also ask everyone to think about that question and how it can apply to them!!
keep being someones miracle!! the work in seocho korea is back up on the rise!!!! and always, be happy!!! i love you so so so so much!!!!! be a best friend, overuse i love you and see where it can get ya!

Elder Hunter

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