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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hey guys hope all is well.

Well, having a new companion is great he is a 100 times better missionary then I am and I love it. We work so hard teach with unity and wow so amazing.  As far as some cool things that happened this week.

As you remember our referral, the Chinese guy with no religion background at all. Well we met him for the second time on Wednesday. We planned on talking about Jesus Christ but he had a lot of questions...black people because of the priesthood thing, polygamy, word of wisdom and law of chastity-all of which he found online.  Wanted to know about it all. Luckily we had a member.  Well we taught him about all of it.  He was shocked.  Not only because we have the commandments but because he felt so bad that he had done all those things and just kept saying.' now what like what do I do?

We assured him it would all be made right through repentance, especially because he didn’t know well because he took it so hard we didn’t commit him to keep the commandments he was really shocked and hurt from them and he doesn’t even understand that there is a God yet so we didn’t ask him to not drink etc.. Well he showed up yesterday to church looking so happy. I didn’t know why. When we went in to go teach him he was so excited to tell us that he has gone from drinking 7 cups of coffee a day to within the past 4 days only drinking one because he felt bad when his friend got a buy 1 get 1 deal.  The best part in my mind was he also going home and deleting every bad picture he had on his computer. 

This mans desire to do what is right is amazing.  It helps so much that he is so willing to ask questions and I am just so amazed by him. The fact that right now he is keeping those commandments even when we didn’t ask him too lets me know how much the Spirit really has touched his heart.

Hmm oh-yoon-gyoo we met with him, with a member that is having a kinda hard time right now. oh-yoon-gyoo started asking super hard questions. it was great to see the member share a simple testimony of what he did know and then to see the look in the members eyes when he realized hey I really do believe this and I know its true.  oh-yoon-gyoo now looks forward to every day that we will send him a scripture to read!

Last, on a sad note is ee-young-sook.  My Korean grandma. She hasn’t been progressing nor wants to progress.  We haven’t been able to meet for 2 weeks.  I fasted yesterday that I would be able to know how to say and what to say to tell her we can’t meet.  Well. she called yesterday and dropped us.  Am I glad I didn’t have to break the ladies heart, yes because I couldn’t have done that. But I am so sad that I may never see her again.  When I first came to Korea I guess you could say she was one of my rocks. 

The work in Seocho is progressing.  We did so much work this last week and I can’t tell you how good it really feels to be doing work again.  Reading that talk by elder Holland and also Enos is also helping me to realize how important this life and how important our sacrifice now will bless others and us.  Thank you for this opportunity I love you all so very much. Thank you for your encouragement to keep the mission rules, to keep working hard, to continue to do my best. You are all a miracle in my life.  Thank you so much. 

Elder Hunter

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