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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fifteen People In Thirty Minutes

hello!!!!!  how is everyone doing!!!!  sounds like my fams trip to middle bass was a blast!! we started talking about all our trips the other day and i told my 'roommates' all about middle bass did forget a single detail! it was super fun to relive everything.  saw all the pictures mom thanks so much.

well here goes some explaining about this last week.  we set a goal to make sure that each one of our investigators knows that our purpose is to teach our message and not just be friends or teach english.  so far the blessings have been huge.  we have 2 baptismal dates!! both will be on aug 4 and hopefully i can stay here in the area to see them get baptized. one of them i have found on the street while contacting.  we also have 2 new investigators ad one of them we met on the street on thursday and said he wanted to meet asap. we gave him a bom and taught him the restoration yesterday we are going back today to teach the plan of salvation.  so so so amazing.  also someone i found last transfer showed up and said he now has interest in our message not just in english and this was before we even said anything about our purpose.  the blessings have been enormous.  also an investigator we have been teaching since i came to korea said she believes the first vision.  the only thing holding her back is the fact that she just wants to go to church with her friends-typical teenager. also we met our uzbekistan investigator this week and first thing he said is i am not going to come to church any time soon.  he still has a lot of things we are trying to work out.

that was our week!!! so so so amazing.  we set a goal and because it was what was needed to happened we were blessed for listening to what needed to be done.  last night we totaled up our stats and took a look at if we had fulfilled our purpose.  I AM SO THANKFUL FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY. i felt my Heavenly Fathers love so much as i knew that i had been and was doing what was/is right.  i know that i wouldn’t have been able to do what we did last week without all the prayers in my behalf thank you all so much.  i love you all so much.

yesterday in one of our lessons we talked about levels of happiness. first level maybe being sports which only lasts a few hours.  second maybe idk a baby being born which is clearly longer then a few hours. and ultimately the most happiness you can receive is through service/sacrifice.  missionary work is so amazing i am so thankful for the opportunity that i have to be here and feel true happiness! thank you all for everything that you all are doing for me!! i love you!! be someone’s miracle!!

Elder Hunter

so a member saw elder gillis contacting and took this picture in his car. i am on the opposite corner. we had 30 minutes to reach our goal of 15 ppl.  it was 8:00  at night pouring rain here in the city of seoul.  one of the coolest memories of my life.  i am so blessed.  as far as how hard we worked last week let me tell you... 2 baptismal dates 3 investigators at church.  21 lessons.  141 contacts. and 10 new numbers.  thank you for this opportunity!

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