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Monday, November 26, 2012

Heavenly Father Sincerely Blesses Us

hey everyone this week has been good!  

we had a baptism this week and it went great he is super happy and just a super good experience.  

we spent thanksgiving at a family named the wilcox's and they were so great to us, gave us a super great thanksgiving! we got permission to watch byu sports so watched 2 football games and a basketball game. it was good. we were there all day and it was super great.  

also a little girl got baptized this sunday and we are super close to the family.  we took a journal mom sent me. had the boys put stickers on every page and then everyone in the family wrote a little note. i had planned on giving it to her but i ended up having the dad give it to her and it was awesome such a cool feeling.we now have another baptism planned for the 22 of december.  the aaronic priesthood is going to be teaching him lesson 3 next sunday so it should be super exciting!!  that's all the news from here!! investigators are progressing and not a day goes by that i don't see miracles!! thank you so much for this opportunity!!!

Elder Hunter
Nothin' Better Than Being A Missionary, Having Thanksgiving Dinner and Watching BYU Football and Basketball!

Elder Coats LOVES Elder Hunter

What A Team!

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