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Sunday, November 18, 2012

the Lord is in this work, completely.

hello everyone!!! i have been pretty skimpy with the emails lately so i am sorry hopefully this one will help everyone in this thanksgiving time!!! snack congrats on signing that’s super cool. mom thanks for the package and wow i was so excited!! the handle on the bag broke about 40 feet from the house so i had to put it on my back and carry it 4 floors. ha-ha i loved it and thank you so much!!! mom you’re the best!!!

so here is the low down on some investigators.

1. gets baptized this Sunday. he is awesome so ready and will be a great member he is a member referral and it is so great!

2. grandma. she is great learning her abc's and is so cute. she has come to 2 musical things in the past 2 weeks and loves it and just keeps saying thank you to us. everyone in my district has met her and loves her and she loves us.

3. grandpa he was in the us for 30 years and is helping us teach grandma they are friends now since they have gone to the music things together so they want to learn together. we plan on hopefully giving dates to them this week.  

we have met a lot of other investigators but a lot of them only have english interest or are to scared to really learn yet so they are all going to come to english.  

i went on splits a couple weeks ago with elder hill and we found bananas for 2. we found an old blender in the house and made banana nutella milkshakes. topped off with contacting 90 people in 2 days.

an inactive member came to an event last week that i texted her about. we have sinse met her 2 sisters and they want to take us to dinner.

we met with an old investigator this week who wants to get baptized but his parents say no so we have to wait till he is 18 but we are going to try and go meet with them. hopefully i can speak korean. ha-ha.  

a member brought his little brother to church last week so the ward is saying he will get baptized in december.

cool story i was looking through less active member records and saw a ladies picture. i didn’t pay much attention to it so kept going. about 15 pages later i saw that same ladies name on a record that didn’t have a picture on it. i went back right then, and called the lady. well we met on saturday and it went awesome!!!  

last night was the korea mission 50th anniversary it was great to participate in that.  they handed out the wristbands that were my idea that greg and sally made and it was super cool.  

yesterday in seocho ward someone asked elder gillis to share how the spirit is in missionary work and he talked about how i didn’t speak korean but that how because i'm training i can and the lord is helping me and everyone was shocked.  

i have talked to some seocho ward members and all they can say is elder hunter you have gotten skinnier and your korean has really progressed. i’ll take the compliments ha-ha.

lastly stake conference was also this week and one of the stake presidency members is in our ward. the stake is making a big push on missionary work lately and it is great. anyway he went up on saturday and asked some questions about how people came into the church etc. then he said what will follow, this is what i have heard from my zone leaders and i paraphrase--- 'ok i'm gonna talk a little about my ward and sorry if i offend anyone but  this has got to be said.  how many of you know elder hunter? how many of you knew him when he was with his korean companion? well let me tell you. elder hunter came over with his korean comp for dinner and he was shy, he can’t speak korean and he knows it, his companion did everything for him.  

when i found out elder hunter was training i didn’t know what was gonna happen and i prayed super hard for him. well guess what? last week they had 2 new investigators at the music fireside and he came over for dinner. ’what follows is not a paraphrase' and i don’t know what happened but elder hunter speaks korean and him and his companion are working hard and are great missionaries, and we as members aren’t helping them enough.

they are working hard, but imagine how hard elder hunter and elder clawson would work if we helped them out? wow!  when i heard this story i couldn’t stop jumping up and down.  not because of my name or anything like that, but because someone other then myself can see that the Lord is in this work completely!!!!!!!!!!!!  
i love this work and i love being a missionary.

Elder Hunter

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