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Sunday, November 4, 2012


hey!! this week was good!! working hard is sure rewarding!  

we got a new investigator on monday!  he is hilarious and such a good guy too.  we have been so busy lately. i think that me becoming senior companion was a bad idea, because i have so much that i want to do and not enough time in the day, so we are always hurrying from place to place. 

our grandma investigator is so cute.  she has had a hard time in life and in our lesson on Tuesday we gave her a blessing. as she left, i asked if she would help be our korean grandma since our families aren't here and ah, she is so cute she just bowed, super deep and said thank you so much! she is so cute. she prayed on thursday.  on friday when she came to english class our district made a card with pictures of us and gave it to her. we also had a picture of Jesus we put into a frame and gave it to her.    

speaking of english class we are doing one big english class with our district and guess how many people came this week?? 19!!! super super cool.  i started the class last transfer and it has gotten huge thanks to every ones help!  well sorry that's about all i have for this week. 

we are seeing miracles left and right thanks to our hard work now, i just pray that our investigators with have the faith to act.  

Elder Hunter

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