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Monday, October 29, 2012

3 new investigators

hello everyone. well transfers were last week and guess what? i have a new companion! I am senior companion.  his name is elder clawson.  he came to korea on tuesday. which also labels me as a trainer.  shocked!

this week has been interesting i have been able to see how much Heavenly Father plays a huge role in the language. i have worked hard my time here to learn korean to do my best but it just hasn’t clicked.  you have to hear and understand. then speak and boy is it hard. but i have been very blessed this week as to how my 'ears have been opened' and my 'tongue has been loosed'  i can only say things that i have studied but the Lord is helping me understand everything that i need too. 

WE have found possibly 3 new investigators.  last night we visited some members and it was the first time i have visited members where i have actually spoke the majority of the time.  the Lord is truly in this work.

my comp is a workaholic. we have been busy lately and all he wants to do is go and talk to people. obviously the language is difficult but he is brilliant and is picking it up super fast. i'm trying to find the balance between pushing to motivate and still making sure he is having fun and not hating his life.  he is a great missionary and willing to work hard.

yesterday i had a chance to stand up in front of the priests cuz they wanted me to say some good words i guess. i went off about elder christoffersons talk about 'manning up'. i thought it was interesting to see that i am not a man nor close to it but it was a good experience.

this work is crazy and is even better now that the Lord is using me to speak korean now.  my heart is full of joy and i don’t know how i can thank Him anymore for what He has let me do this last week. we are tired.  this work as a senior companion is so different.
i'm blessed to know that He really does love and care about all of us and the Lord does have a timeline. He has a plan.

Elder Hunter

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