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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Not Feeling Well

          elder moon and elder hunter.

     elder moon, elder hunter and my 
           companion elder smith.

       elder moon, me and elder jang

     elder moon, elder hunter and my 
            companion elder smith.

This week has been great but super hard. A lot of our appointments that we really wanted to have, canceled so we had to go to our back up plans which were good, although we still wanted to meet those investigators. Also, I have been weak all of this week, which makes missionary work a little hard. Our miracle this week; when we went to our appointment, we were not planning on asking him to be baptized although the Spirit was so strong while we were teaching our investigator that we did. He said yes! Our other baptismal date is so ready to get baptized!  We are having a hard time getting our investigators to come to church. Training is going good. Elder Smith is a great missionary and is here to work hard and do whatever it takes just to help. Our area is great! This week I found a lot of interesting things in Fourth Nephi, especially verse 15. Sharing that scripture with members has been a good experience. 
Thanks for everything.

Elder Hunter

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  1. Your son is my son's companion, elder Smith!