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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Everyday a Holiday

hey guys the week was good.  our family of three is progressing and said they want to visit our church for a tour of the meetinghouse.  mom dad thanks for the package i got it this week just in time to send it with the ward on their ward picnic!  this week i made fried pickles for elder smith out of the pickles they give you when you order a pizza(its a korean thing) it wasn’t as good as the pickles in georgia but they were close. dad the bishop’s wife in seocho gave me some more snacks this is the 2nd time. maybe if you go to anaheim again soon or know anyone there that could take him some food that would be good. we got 2 new investigators this week but everything is still in the air with them. one of them is so funny and keeps saying "everyday a holiday", which i now say if anything goes wrong. i found this quote in personal study and want to share it. 
'when we are unduly impatient with an omniscient Gods timing we are really suggesting that we know what’s best.  Strange isn’t it-we who wear wrist watches seek to counsel him who oversees cosmic clocks and calendars' maxwell.  with the changes going on in my life I know that God does have a plan for all of us!

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