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Sunday, March 3, 2013

High Mountains = Faith

Things are going good!  We currently have 8 progressing investigators.  Although, we are having a hard time finding investigators!  We do door to door contact but it doesn’t work and Korean people don’t really just say hi to people on the street.

So, the baptismal date we had, the sister got to busy. But, we were able to meet her this week and talk. I’m not sure what the future holds for her.

We found out that one of our investigators church in order to become an elder you have to pay $30,000.  This made me really appreciate my calling.  An old investigator in Seocho got baptized and I am happy. All churches here do that. Most churches here are businesses. 

I just thought i would share a spiritual thought. I have been talking a lot with Elder Smith about faith, so, I thought I would share what I have been sharing with him. Here in Korea we have a hard time speaking, so I thought I would share this.  Exodus 4:10, Moses 1 and 6:27-39.  
High Mountains = Faith.  

Both of these men had doubts and became two of the greatest prophets ever.  They doubted themselves but after climbing great mountains of faith they were able to see the Lord.

If we think about the potential we have, we can have all those same blessings!

I love this work.

Elder Hunter

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