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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This week was good!!!

North Korea isn’t that big of a deal, something will happen but I am safe.

I am excited to hear conference; we will be able to listen to it this Saturday.  Our member is doing a little better; we carried him on our backs to the hospital twice this week.   Poor guy has broken his foot in 2 places.  I am grateful for the opportunity to serve him, what a blessing it has been.

Seoul is hard because there are so many people that only want to learn English.  If they only knew, the message we have to share with them is more important that learning English.

Anyway this week in missionary work has been good!  Elder Brechwoldt and I conducted our first monthly training this week.  I felt that we did a pretty good job. We made sure that our zone knows exactly how our zone is doing and involved them in making goals.  We trained on accountability, more specifically on keeping rules, our potential, and the wise use of time.

Our investigators are doing well.  We committed a girl to be baptized but she knows so little right now, that it might be hard!  We also teach a family on base every Friday.

We had a good week

Be Someone’s Miracle.

Elder Hunter

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